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What is a category?

A category is a reverse index to related wiki pages. Instead of a category page containing forward links to pages of that category, page authors can put a reference to one or more categories on their pages. By clicking on the title of a category page, wiki will list the pages referenced to that category.

For instance:

Someone adds the category link Category Best Practices at the bottom of a page. When someone clicks the link to that category, they are taken to that category's page. That page may or may not have a more detailed description of what pages it applies to (wiki users are, of course, encouraged to provide those descriptions), but in any case, if the 'what links here' link in the toolbox of that page is then clicked, the wiki will provide a list of all pages having that category's link in them.

To see a list of all categories, click said link on the left of this page.

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