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483Arken<Arken> <Arken> The Mercurians are going to be pissed about having to clean up that wreckage. 2015/05/01 Fri 05:26:36 boru!~boru@unaffiliated/boru
486DN-boards1<DN-boards1> I've been attempting to observe Uranus with the naked eye. No luck. 2015/05/06 Wed 22:05:32 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
488sir_galahad_ad<sir_galahad_ad> my girlfriend just said to me "that's how i knew you were home. Because of the smell" 2015/05/11 Mon 18:41:53 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos


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1213atk<atk> pragma-: HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED BATTLESHIPS? 2018/07/01 Sun 00:16:10 sjohnson!
1215jp<jp> i forgot <jp> ship cannot be L 2018/07/01 Sun 15:28:04 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1212k<k> yeah i know how to suck a penis jp <k> i don't need your advice 2018/06/30 Sat 23:28:17 jp!
1214pragma-<pragma-> YOUR PERCENTAGE <pragma-> WILL NOT <pragma-> BE PROMCOROEMTUT 2018/07/01 Sun 00:20:03 sjohnson!


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564__Myst__, pragma-<__Myst__> I don't see it doing much more than “,commandname” <pragma-> You don't see a whole lot of things, son. 2016/04/19 Tue 16:38:02 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
801_Drip<_Drip> I only go to D though 2017/07/06 Thu 17:07:43 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
484_user<_user> im behaving a retard ? :( <_user> i dont think so <_user> why u think that ? 2015/05/04 Mon 10:09:27 Chris!~chris@spy/chris
398aberrant<aberrant> what you gotta realize is that #c is just full of folks on the wrong end of the asperger’s spectrum :) Then it’s ok, ‘cause it makes you realize that fighting back is like making fun of tards :) 2014/06/23 Mon 15:53:14 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
1030adminseodwn<adminseodwn> However nowadays the compilers are really smart and have good protection built in. so security issues are a thing of past in C 2018/01/24 Wed 10:13:57 jp!
390adnap<adnap> KICKED by Zhivago!~lys@unaffiliated/zhivago (When you inflict your stupidity on others in the form of broken advice, it becomes necessary to deal with it.) 2014/06/13 Fri 05:13:16 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
439adnap<adnap> I already use a label, which is like an inline functon 2014/10/15 Wed 02:02:41 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
203aeronotix<aeronotix> "If you sneeze near an array, it turns into pointer." 2013/01/31 Thu 11:36:38 pragma-
739allisio<allisio> I before E except when you suck. 2017/03/11 Sat 12:46:42 phy1729!~phy1729@zsh/wizard/phy1729
729allisio, Richard_Cavell<allisio> Richard_Cavell: C++ isn't a program. <allisio> C++ is a shovel. <Richard_Cavell> allisio: Is it digging C's grave? 2017/03/05 Sun 08:44:18 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
829alyptik, pragma-<alyptik> notice it gets larger <pragma-> that's what he said 2017/08/21 Mon 00:01:28 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
557anonnumberanon<anonnumberanon> As long as it doesn't figure out my real name is Corben Dallas, I'll be fine here. 2016/02/25 Thu 22:47:09 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
558anonnumberanon<anonnumberanon> Do we use strcmp() when comparing integers or is there soming specifically for integers? I have not found such function in the standard library... 2016/02/28 Sun 11:44:52 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
616anonrate<anonrate> But if I ask I will be sent to the Google or pragma- will start shitting a brick. 2016/10/01 Sat 19:09:13 X-Scale!~ARM@2001:0:53aa:64c:0:fbf7:b176:3a49
1238aozt<aozt> voices: when you are using this IDE, you are forced to get one of your hands off the keyboard, pick the mouse, move the mouse etc. this breaks the symmetrical positioning of your body (when both hands lay on the keyboard) and can lead to the spine deformation, then to inflammation of intervertebral discs and vertebral endplates, then to incurable spinal cancer and death 2019/05/03 Fri 13:17:40 iamgarp!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
162applebloom<applebloom> <pragma-> applebloom: I think your problem isn't your eyes but the fact that you seem to prefer to remain in a state of perplexed stupidity while exclaiming confused startled profanties 2012/04/27 Fri 21:41:19 pragma-
560Arch-TK<Arch-TK> always assume that nobody outside of America will ever use it. It makes your software more portable. 2016/03/09 Wed 13:13:17 nchambers!
561Arch-TK<Arch-TK> "There's a bug!" "no there's not" "but there is" "no there's not" "man, just fix this bug" "it was fixed two versions ago" "but you said there was no bug" "no I didn't" 2016/03/14 Mon 06:10:53 nchambers!
530Arch-TK<Arch-TK> edk: is it more exciting? Is it actually running them on random computers which are part of a botnet? <Arch-TK> or is it using some kind of container nonsense? 2015/09/20 Sun 12:17:56 o11c!~ben@unaffiliated/o11c
547Arch-TK, brendel, w41_<Arch-TK> brendel: May I ask why you need to know? <brendel> Arch-TK: you may <Arch-TK> Ok <Arch-TK> Why do you need to know? <brendel> No reason <w41_> rekt 2015/12/07 Mon 12:49:47 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
545Arch-TK, pragma-<Arch-TK> ShrewdSpirit: please tell "he" that he should stop using terms such as "stack" and "heap" <pragma-> what if "he's" describing women? 2015/12/07 Mon 12:43:46 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
546Arch-TK, pragma-<Arch-TK> I guess so, objects with automatic storage duration begin existence when they are declared and end their existence when you leave their scope. <pragma-> just like girlfriends 2015/12/07 Mon 12:44:30 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
400ari-_-e, Zhivago<ari-_-e> Zhivago: why don't you say people's nicks? <Zhivago> ari: I filter out the excessively stupid parts as a public service. 2014/06/25 Wed 21:59:17 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1093arora* arora facepalms and laughs hysterically only to fall off the chair xD 2018/03/13 Tue 11:17:18 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
463arquebus<arquebus> delta-nry: Im guessing, but I think that since the scanf function can take multiple EOF delimited values that are recieved as pointers, the scanf function I would guess automatically counts the number of pointer variables 2015/01/05 Mon 20:30:29 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
464arquebus<arquebus> EOF is basically the enter key simbol as read by the I/O stream 2015/01/05 Mon 20:34:05 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
873ASKJ<ASKJ> Let's now talk about gay pork 2017/09/07 Thu 22:31:01 alyptik!
586atk<atk> I can tell you from personal experience that hot dogs don't quite taste the same as dick. 2016/07/10 Sun 09:01:24 prgm-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
654atk<atk> y sometimes gets (when used on its own) pronounced as: igrek 2017/01/14 Sat 14:37:05 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
655atk<atk> chrisf: but christ on a bike, I am wondering how long I can survive working on that god awful codebase 2017/01/15 Sun 15:19:23 caze!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
658atk<atk> sacho: she's still in #tendra so I think that's the best place to get shouted at by kate right now. 2017/01/18 Wed 10:45:50 phox!
919atk<atk> karthyk: 2 px 2017/11/04 Sat 09:02:24 karthy!~karthy@
990atk<atk> for example, redhat pays lennart poettering to write really shitty software for linux 2018/01/07 Sun 13:12:23 Wulf!~Wulf@unaffiliated/wulf
1084atk<atk> string literals are stored in a parallel reality 2018/03/09 Fri 14:22:16 jp!
1124atk<atk> hvsr: like not to have to know how openssl works to use it too, but with openssl you have to piss with the dick you have. 2018/04/06 Fri 11:20:34 korans!~korans@
1145atk<atk> camel case automatically makes your code less secure, it has been proven scientifically 2018/04/22 Sun 14:46:45 jp!
1218atk<atk> I make code sausages 2018/07/09 Mon 15:01:55 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
653atk<atk> if it's a specific value you care about <atk> you must be new to winapi 2017/01/13 Fri 15:31:48 phox!
752atk, pragma-<atk> I think I can set the watermark at 2 entries, then have my interrupt routine fill the FIFO from a ring buffer <atk> and that's all fine and dandy if the RB is getting fed a constant stream of data <atk> the problem comes when the RB is out of data and you want to stop transmitting <pragma-> atk: stop pretending to be a movie hacker. 2017/03/26 Sun 07:29:02 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1173azarus<azarus> ah, i'm stupid 2018/05/31 Thu 05:42:26 meth!~meth@unaffiliated/meth
375BadCodSmell<BadCodSmell> Portability is not built into C, that's why your standard exists. 2014/05/04 Sun 13:28:29 nitrix!~nib@unaffiliated/nitrix
744bananabas, petererer, mandeep<bananabas> what do you guys make of rust so far? <petererer> I played it for a while but it got a bit boring eventually. <mandeep> petererer: i think they mean the language 2017/03/13 Mon 12:00:50 mzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
136bardamu<bardamu> I don't care what you say.. You don't know me... I have a lot people who love me especially women 2011/11/16 Wed 11:50:57 pragma_
451barfod, pragma-<barfod> yet have been called stupid and idiot countless times. my IQ is above 140 <pragma-> "Like us on Facebook for an extra 10 IQ points!" 2014/12/01 Mon 00:56:42 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
96bdbdbd<bdbdbd> IT PRINTS FUCKING NOTHING 2010/11/01 Mon 02:15:51 n00p
219beaky<beaky> one can only hope my code never ends up running a live system with lives at stake 2013/05/16 Thu 09:29:54 pragma-
261beaky, edk<beaky> highlights? <edk> it's where you colour a bit of your hair differently from your other hair because your parents didn't love you 2013/10/11 Fri 09:37:10 edk!edk@unaffiliated/edk
321beaky, pragma-<beaky> hello <pragma-> beaky: no. 2014/01/25 Sat 05:35:00 rob``!
505beardedmouse<beardedmouse> three inches not enough these days? 2015/07/22 Wed 18:50:37 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
389bennabiy<bennabiy> object-oriented programming -> "Should we implement feature A..." "I object!" "Great, add it!" 2014/06/02 Mon 12:04:27 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
765Blue796<Blue796> mzo: idk i haven't really thought about it lol 2017/04/21 Fri 10:13:52 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
77boris``<boris``> is candide secretly recording us or are those manually added? 2010/08/17 Tue 09:35:19 pragma_
333boru<boru> To paraphrase Gene Spafford; "IRC is like a herd of performing elephants. Massive, difficult to redirect, awe-inspiring, entertaining, and a source of mind-boggling amounts of excrement when you least expect it." 2014/03/01 Sat 23:49:58 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
348boru<boru> I have a box of rpis. I may use them for target practice. 2014/03/18 Tue 08:32:54 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
351boru<boru> It contains pheromones to attract prey^Wpotential mates. 2014/03/21 Fri 04:48:01 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
412boru<boru> As in it took KDE 40 seconds to respond? <boru> It probably had to install another 40 dependencies to support mouse clicks. 2014/07/08 Tue 06:04:52 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
301boru, frog_sha0<boru> murple; yeah, there's more to shooting bytes out onto the wire than meets the eye. <frog_sha0> boru: Not if you're using fibre optics. 2013/11/19 Tue 20:15:46 edk!edk@unaffiliated/edk
246brachiation<brachiation> well, i want to use for loops, so i think c99 is best for me. 2013/09/19 Thu 00:59:05 CaZe
715Bschool<Bschool> pragma-: thanks for understand my error and generally being a helpful person 2017/02/24 Fri 20:19:19 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
71btfx<btfx> Wow... I JUST figured out how this IDE handles compiler options... I can finally see all the warnings... 2010/05/16 Sun 21:27:08 pragma_
623c437<c437> writing c is like trying to twist open a door knob with your anus 2016/10/26 Wed 15:49:43 latch!latch@nat/intel/x-nmqtmwjztfomvtza
198cam<cam> I thought that as long as one pointer was open it wouldn't allow a free() to remove the object from memory. 2013/01/21 Mon 20:03:39 CaZe
722camthesaxman<camthesaxman> There are also non-printable characters like the newline character. 2017/02/27 Mon 10:51:23 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
378candide<candide> Zhivago: a butterfly 2014/05/08 Thu 18:44:50 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
347cantoma<cantoma> kate`, since I am an engineer I tend to use a lot of tape and wd 40 2014/03/18 Tue 07:09:40 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
104CaZe<CaZe> eboyjr: 15:05:38 <eboyjr> I'm making a javascript implementation of c, so I hope no one minds that sizeof(char) == 2 2010/11/27 Sat 13:42:24 CaZe
121CaZe<CaZe> This porridge is too hot. This porridge it too cold. Boo hoo. 2011/03/18 Fri 23:50:27 n00p
149CaZe<CaZe> I'm just describing the symptoms of the misalignment. 2012/03/04 Sun 00:57:03 sha0
152CaZe<CaZe> I take it that's not a VPS. 2012/03/13 Tue 01:05:50 CaZe
153CaZe<CaZe> Both of your packages. 2012/03/13 Tue 01:05:10 CaZe
192CaZe<CaZe> If the moon were made of cheese, what kind of pizza could you make with it? 2012/09/27 Thu 03:06:45 pragma-
205CaZe<CaZe> Too much error and warning data, stopped processing. 2013/02/03 Sun 19:06:59 CaZe
207CaZe<CaZe> lemonade`: We're not in the context of real life. We're in the context of talking about C. 2013/02/06 Wed 08:08:10 lemonade`
243CaZe<CaZe> Wow, those indians and pakistanis are pretty limber. 2013/09/02 Mon 20:34:48 pragma-
315CaZe<CaZe> *(x + y) is syntactic exercise for x[y]. 2014/01/03 Fri 13:20:55 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
342CaZe<CaZe> Sorry I was watching electric eel videos. 2014/03/11 Tue 01:18:48 rob``!
436CaZe<CaZe> How can you write a tool that can have the correct understanding of code, if you yourself are unable to have the correct understanding? 2014/10/06 Mon 22:21:48 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
554CaZe<CaZe> fluter: China has free market. 2016/01/19 Tue 17:05:26 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
577CaZe<CaZe> fluter: Appearances don't matter. 2016/06/12 Sun 20:27:38 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
605CaZe<CaZe> In fact, most of the work is done by the programmer writing his code, with the help of the compiler complaining when the programmer messes it up. 2016/08/12 Fri 01:35:41 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
634CaZe<CaZe> Yeah, really weird. Why are you expecting 28? 2016/12/18 Sun 06:02:29 CaZe!~caze@2607:f2f8:a678::2
637CaZe<CaZe> Rub it between your fingers. 2016/12/21 Wed 13:24:14 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
640CaZe<CaZe> atk: 2) The butter needs to go on the endosperm. 2016/12/27 Tue 13:09:19 atk!Arch-TK@fsf/member/Arch-TK
651CaZe<CaZe> I need a rape drive. 2017/01/11 Wed 11:23:44 dho!
429CaZe<CaZe> So I got a Prius a few weeks ago. <CaZe> And I was driving pretty aggressively, with "ECO mode" disabled. 2014/09/03 Wed 21:47:16 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
303CaZe, edk, Subsentient, Zhivago<CaZe> Maybe you don't know C. <edk> CaZe: well, he has that in common with most people in the channel... <Subsentient> edk: I revile being told that every time I come in with a question. I never asked how to use a pointer or how to use bit fields, or how to dereference a 2d array without subscripts. I know C. <Zhivago> C doesn't have 2d arrays. 2013/11/28 Thu 03:17:28 edk!edk@unaffiliated/edk
477CaZe, StrawMachie<CaZe> StrawMachie: An person can never be a language. <StrawMachie> A person* 2015/03/25 Wed 10:00:13 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
798celyr<celyr> Someone brain damaged say something and it becomes a meme 2017/06/22 Thu 08:07:06 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1029celyr<celyr> whatever. 2018/01/24 Wed 01:36:04 e!e@enucs/spy.edk
652chiken<chiken> qwename, i did get it right :). it worked. 2017/01/12 Thu 21:25:52 qwename!
85Chris<Chris> One does not simply pass a into mordor(). 2010/10/18 Mon 22:11:23 n00p
106Chris<Chris> It's like trying to measure the mass of a proton with your bathroom scales. 2010/12/09 Thu 22:17:48 pragma_
148Chris<Chris> ninor: I suspect it's some kind of mental retardation. 2012/02/29 Wed 20:18:32 sha0
159Chris<Chris> Leave my typos alone. 2012/04/22 Sun 12:15:26 sha0
168Chris<Chris> Oh, semantics pedantry. 2012/06/14 Thu 21:03:23 CaZe
170Chris<Chris> Normally loving C is a symptom of not knowing other languages. 2012/07/12 Thu 07:22:01 pragma-
186Chris<Chris> compare it to what, a hot summer's day? 2012/08/10 Fri 00:36:49 pragma-
191Chris<Chris> sha0coder: it's like taking bumper stickers off a car to reduce weight. 2012/09/14 Fri 09:25:46 pragma-
319Chris<Chris> * is the defenestrating operator. If you use it wrongly you will be thrown out the window. 2014/01/19 Sun 21:29:19 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
381Chris<Chris> It's explained clearly in the standard. It is difficult to summarize in one or two lines on IRC. See 6.10.2 2014/05/13 Tue 22:51:39 EntropyArchive!
382Chris<Chris> C Aphorism 666: fluter will spam the channel with crap. 2014/05/14 Wed 21:59:33 jack_rabbit!
392Chris<Chris> fluter: it might have something to do with your nick consisting of 83.3% flute. 2014/06/13 Fri 20:16:13 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
407Chris<Chris> People quote the silliest things. 2014/07/06 Sun 17:22:53 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
414Chris<Chris> I'm firmly of the belief that happiness is an ephemeral state of chemical imbalance that will be sorted out sooner or later. 2014/07/10 Thu 07:10:14 boru!~boru@unaffiliated/boru
449Chris<Chris> utf8 dicks are superior 2014/11/28 Fri 01:52:40 boru!~boru@unaffiliated/boru
499Chris<Chris> Convincing someone to leave ##c is probably the nicest thing one can do here, in general. 2015/07/16 Thu 19:25:33 edk!~edk@spy/edk0
501Chris<Chris> lens is running at about 5000 millifluters 2015/07/16 Thu 19:51:59 ftsd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
507Chris<Chris> <Chris> 4! is 24 <pragma-> I don't have that many fingers to prove you wrong. <pragma-> ,qalc 4! <candide> pragma-: 4! = 24 2015/07/23 Thu 17:17:32 Chris!~chris@spy/chris
741Chris<Chris> I'm neither a pedant nor a peasant. 2017/03/13 Mon 05:02:49 naptime!
861Chris<Chris> There are only about 200 or so ways to have undefined behavior in C. Just memorize them all and avoid them. 2017/09/03 Sun 05:47:51 mthowe-!uid249081@gateway/web/
1092Chris<Chris> C is pretty much obsolete. I am only here because I enjoy discussing the language. Kind of analagous to enthusiasts of latin. 2018/03/12 Mon 21:56:47 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
372Chris<Chris> just write some AI in candide to detect retards <Chris> you'll have to whitelist ops like nitrix 2014/04/30 Wed 17:52:52 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
297Chris, IHunger* Chris attempts to further poison his brain with C++ <IHunger> Don't do it, man! It's not worth it! <Chris> I'm doing my part to determine the LD50 of C++ <IHunger> Ahh, well there'll be something useful out of it then. <IHunger> Thanks for taking one for the team ;) 2013/11/12 Tue 20:17:42 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
742Chris, naptime<Chris> naptime: Feel free to continue assuming people don't mean what they say. <naptime> Chris: You don't mean that! 2017/03/13 Mon 05:10:52 naptime!
621coconuts_<coconuts_> C is not object ooriented 2016/10/12 Wed 14:17:56 masoudd!~masoudd@
457ColdKeyboard<ColdKeyboard> So it doesn't matter if I do 100 - 40 or 40 - 100, the result will be 60 in both cases? 2014/12/20 Sat 13:48:30 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
202comex<comex> c arrays are weird(tm) 2013/01/31 Thu 11:22:16 AeroNotix
591Cou<Cou> is it normal that I find myself using partners very often for manipulating strings, but rarely for anything else? <Cou> *pointers <Cou> weird freudian slip there 2016/07/27 Wed 08:26:16 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
222cousteau<cousteau> I can't believe I'm not yet in the qdb with all the pile of brainfarts I say all day 2013/06/04 Tue 09:33:00 pragma-
309cousteau<cousteau> I expected it to be way larger 2013/12/17 Tue 11:09:42 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
355cousteau<cousteau> "Cause I will walk 50 duodecillion Planck lengths and I will walk 50 duodecillion more just to be the man who walk 100 duodecillion Planck lengths to fall down in your door" 2014/03/31 Mon 01:16:56 rob``!
461cousteau<cousteau> (this joke was so lame it could encode MP3) 2014/12/26 Fri 09:48:11 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
490cousteau<cousteau> this is by far the most stupid quote I've grabbed 2015/05/26 Tue 06:24:34 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
491cousteau<cousteau> ,cc char *ans = "The answer to life universe and everything"; printf("%zu", strlen(ans)); <candide> cousteau: 42 2015/05/26 Tue 06:27:51 cousteau!~cousteau@
529cousteau<cousteau> "you may [not-cast-it]", not "you don't may cast it" 2015/09/16 Wed 07:27:43 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
975cousteau<cousteau> bug-free code is boring 2017/12/29 Fri 11:04:06 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1221cousteau<cousteau> Learath2, well, () is similar to [], isn't it? <cousteau> both do some sort of subscripting, except the () 2018/07/16 Mon 10:44:36 e!e@enucs/spy.edk
481cousteau, pragma-<cousteau> except you don't eat the humans you kill afterwards <cousteau> not if nuclear warfare is used at least <pragma-> it's just precooked <cousteau> great, now I'm hungry 2015/04/29 Wed 18:16:33 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
753cousteau, pnbeast<cousteau> if you were a salesman that had to choose the order to travel to 29 cities you'd have to count like 3 times longer than that number <pnbeast> If I were a salesman I'd travel to the first city and get too drunk to care about 2 through 29. Screw time complexity. 2017/04/01 Sat 12:02:51 cousteau!~cousteau@unaffiliated/cousteau
86cristi8<cristi8> kotique: why are you interested in my genitals? 2010/10/19 Tue 06:56:01 specing
298Cyp_, halogenandtoast<Cyp_> halogenandtoast: Your stack seems a bit small (only room for one int). <Cyp_> Multiply it by 640k, that should be enough for anyone. <halogenandtoast> That was it thanks Cyp_ 2013/11/14 Thu 13:34:55 edk!edk@unaffiliated/edk
1203dadabidet<dadabidet> Im curious about the mistakes unskilled programmer do 2018/06/21 Thu 02:02:49 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
65daleee<daleee> Yo dawg, I herd yo and yo dawg like yo yos so we put yo dawg in a yo yo so yo can yo yo yo dawg while yo dawgs yo yos, dawg. 2010/03/28 Sun 16:06:24 pragma_
128dandaman<dandaman> I learned C, i forgot it when I figured out C++ was way better 2011/04/21 Thu 21:18:14 pragma_
129dandaman<dandaman> out of all the programming channel on freenode, you guys are the douchiest 2011/04/21 Thu 21:21:37 pragma_
939dansan, pragma-, k<dansan> Like when you have to escape your regex or your regex spits out another regex <pragma-> your regex spits out another regex if you dont escape it? <k> that's not supposed to happen. <pragma-> practice safe regex, people! 2017/11/19 Sun 22:21:01 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
102darko3d<darko3d> is there anyway i can destroy a variable so if put it in a loop it gets declared each time? 2010/11/13 Sat 09:19:55 pragma_
928dave0, e<dave0> PointlessMan: oh i misread "defined" as "undefined", that's all you ever hear in here :-) <e> to be fair people who have well-defined behaviour tend not to need our help 2017/11/10 Fri 18:51:48 naptime!~naptime@
421dawik<dawik> PoopFactory.emitPoop() 2014/07/26 Sat 05:00:11 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
416dbtid, ManDay<dbtid> ManDay: what is G_PI? <ManDay> 3.41 something 2014/07/11 Fri 08:32:54 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
635DeadSquirrel01<DeadSquirrel01> I'M A GENIOUS!!!! 2016/12/18 Sun 11:02:45 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
949demiurge, Chris<demiurge> i think the whole morality thing of what you program self-driving cars to do in accidents is kind of a tough one <Chris> It's quite easy really <Chris> Face recognise all the potential victims, and order them by descending order of facebook likes 2017/11/27 Mon 21:50:39 jp!
806derpicus<derpicus> how can python be a language? it's just a C program 2017/07/21 Fri 14:17:48 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
724dfdfd<dfdfd> hey all <dfdfd> quick facebook question 2017/03/02 Thu 13:44:23 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
879dho<dho> jesus christ alyptik, mouth is not going to grab the right thing. 2017/09/27 Wed 11:12:15 doppel!
1024dho<dho> leoni: gcc is a compiler; it doesn't have manpages. 2018/01/23 Tue 12:36:29 atk!Arch-TK@ircpuzzles/staff/Arch-TK
703dho, phox<dho> and implements uint32_t <phox> dho: which is required by C99 <dho> no. <phox> yes. <dho> no. 2017/02/09 Thu 12:12:06 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
731dho, pragma-, fstd, atk<dho> objects have size, keywords are not objects <pragma-> aren't functions objects? <pragma-> aren't return() and sizeof() functions? <fstd> checkmate <atk> atheists 2017/03/07 Tue 11:32:21 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
430diffract|<diffract|> 0 is int, '0' is char. this is basic C stuff <diffract|> even i who suck at programming know this 2014/09/07 Sun 11:27:17 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
960dionysus69<dionysus69> wow, I am planning to learn lots of things in life, not just c 2017/12/08 Fri 01:14:14 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
441discophoros<discophoros> I love how much time you've spent on this chat bot in 10 years. 2014/10/27 Mon 03:45:06 Maxdamantus!~Maxdamant@unaffiliated/maxdamantus
727dispel<dispel> The ops on this channel are a bit overblown, taking it way too seriously 2017/03/04 Sat 00:30:15 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
160dizzylizzy<dizzylizzy> could not possibly be clearer 2012/04/25 Wed 17:08:47 sha0
913dndn1011<dndn1011> Yep I think it's technically undefined behaviour, although it would probably be fine in practice 2017/10/30 Mon 17:17:20 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
468doppel<doppel> i'm the master 'nator. 2015/01/16 Fri 16:00:39 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
469doppel<doppel> well, you should probably erase that quote now. 2015/01/16 Fri 16:04:34 dozn!
475doppel<doppel> xmalloc isn't standard anyway, so i'd just wrap malloc in some kind of code 2015/03/17 Tue 11:50:17 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
588doppel<doppel> your proboscis pluckers are pleasingly pleated with the pods of a pine precariously perched on a precipice that may plummet pretty painfully onto politicians. 2016/07/16 Sat 18:49:48 f-!~fluter@fedora/fluter
641doppel<doppel> the standard itself condenses trigraphs into their replacement characters in translation phase 1 because of how stupid they are 2016/12/30 Fri 15:42:03 danielcamiel!~danielcam@unaffiliated/danielcamiel
874doppel<doppel> at least the toast wasn't *in* my ass, which would have made the experience unpleasant all around. 2017/09/10 Sun 18:09:48 alyptik!
900doppel<doppel> take pride in your work, unless it's homework, in which case just satisfy the requirements. 2017/10/24 Tue 16:14:42 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
901doppel* doppel goes to look for a huge picture of a wang. 2017/10/24 Tue 19:35:49 alyptik!
935doppel<doppel> functional programming is living in perpetual fear of state. 2017/11/14 Tue 17:17:24 dho!
595doppel<doppel> i can't get all these cropsies in farm heroes saga :-( <doppel> nor all these soda bottles in candy crush soda saga :-( 2016/07/29 Fri 19:32:12 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
393dorp<dorp> I thought people came here for the drama, now I see today's show is actually a comedy 2014/06/14 Sat 14:43:38 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
596dorp<dorp> Kaka: It's implementation-defined whether C is C. 2016/07/31 Sun 09:56:02 nchambers!dtscode@freenode/weird-exception/bartender/nchambers
607dorp<dorp> What's your definition of people? 2016/08/30 Tue 08:31:03 latch!~latch@unaffiliated/latch
726dorp<dorp> La09x09: K&R2 covers C89, it has a lengthy errata, it contains 'old style' things, and it's very much short which I find to be less informative. 'A Modern Approach' covers both C89 and C99, it's lengthy, and I find it to be much more informative. 2017/03/03 Fri 02:35:40 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
923dorp<dorp> reslus: You should follow a C learning resource, such as a book 2017/11/06 Mon 15:54:00 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
1176dorp<dorp> suspicious_fart: Channels such as ##c-offtopic exist for a reason. ##c is more about C, less about this or that tendency to "fart" 2018/06/05 Tue 05:10:18 jp!
113dotblank<dotblank> wow I feel like a moron 2011/02/05 Sat 14:47:00 carcat
440dozn<dozn> Ehh, worth the risk of boiling my veg as long as the meat isn't affected, in order to see some tricorns. 2014/10/20 Mon 22:29:47 jack_rabbit!
341dozn, someHuman, rob``<dozn> someHuman, then learn C# <someHuman> What's the difference? <rob``> one semitone 2014/03/10 Mon 23:55:42 dozn!
88dragonuv<dragonuv> is it possible to free memory of a program that closed? 2010/10/22 Fri 15:16:18 pragma_
625dreannor<dreannor> Strlen is very cerebral ad mentally,how do is when or find 2016/11/11 Fri 17:58:34 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
157duclare<duclare> use brain never 2012/04/01 Sun 07:46:03 sha0
338Duzz, Chris<Duzz> What is the term for determining instruction rates from benchmark programs? <Chris> divining 2014/03/04 Tue 03:43:09 dozn!
615e<e> oh for fucking shitwanking arsebrained hellcock's sake 2016/09/30 Fri 08:58:06 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
601e, mzo<e> you should always put your murder victims' corpses in plastic bags in order to avoid detection <mzo> i can totally see e committing murder <e> who would i murder <e> other than zed shaw 2016/08/03 Wed 05:07:33 mzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
193eboy<eboy> When I'm on a bumpy trip I have to enclose my mouth around it to make sure it doesn't spill 2012/10/30 Tue 23:55:35 pragma-
216edk<edk> now maybe you'd like to point to the last time I said "stack" in here 2013/03/14 Thu 04:20:39 sha0
250edk<edk> Mine got in first on my end! 2013/10/01 Tue 15:22:26 pragma-
251edk<edk> sha0: That's terrible. It's unknown whether you may pass into a mordor(); you may not pass into a mordor(void). 2013/10/03 Thu 20:47:13 pragma-
271edk<edk> phox: your big smashy thing is pure evil, but i like it 2013/10/18 Fri 15:42:43 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
272edk<edk> sha0: you're a bad person 2013/10/19 Sat 10:30:27 sha0!
300edk<edk> If you're being absolutely clear, you could seek employment as a lens. 2013/11/19 Tue 20:13:59 frog_sha0!
337edk<edk> sometimes this channel makes me want to mash my brains into a cheese grater 2014/03/03 Mon 15:32:47 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
385edk<edk> doxygen is useful if you want your documentation and code to both be available in two or more difficult-to-read formats 2014/05/17 Sat 11:32:39 kate`!~kate@unaffiliated/kate/x-0000001
388edk<edk> there are two people in this channel who use zhivago's sayings, and only one of them does so without the application of wit or understanding 2014/05/23 Fri 10:38:23 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
409edk<edk> Boohbah: any piece of software that's been used by more than about 4 people will have attract at least one person who thinks it's the worst thing ever to have happened to humanity 2014/07/07 Mon 09:26:03 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
455edk<edk> i'm pretty sure you haven't taken enough statistics classes (p > 0.05) 2014/12/11 Thu 05:54:56 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
458edk<edk> fstd: "Try It And See" may work in other channels, but not in ##C due to the nature of ##C users. Such coding-by-experimentation often leads to situations such as "But you didn't call *him* a retard!". 2014/12/21 Sun 14:32:57 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
476edk<edk> the sizeof something with an unknown-sized array at the end ought to be unknown, but then it'd be impossible to malloc them. so it's known, at the expense of always being wrong 2015/03/17 Tue 13:43:17 GeneralAltoids!
528edk<edk> you could reduce the chance of bugs by not programming 2015/09/14 Mon 17:42:37 o11c!~ben@unaffiliated/o11c
294edk, boru<edk> a facebutt sounds rather technically challenging <boru> Unless it involves two consenting adults. 2013/11/10 Sun 15:44:00 sha0!
299edk, Chris<edk> Or a metric ass-ton? <Chris> metric would be arse-tonne 2013/11/19 Tue 20:00:01 edk!edk@unaffiliated/edk
556edk, pestle<edk> lahwran: how big is your C thing? <pestle> edk, that's a bit personal, isn't it? 2016/02/17 Wed 11:42:09 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
340edk, zid`<edk> you could always read the fucking man page <zid`> don't google for man abs btw <zid`> you get a lot of half naked men 2014/03/10 Mon 10:43:26 rob``!
746Elronnd<Elronnd> this is why I love d 2017/03/13 Mon 14:56:21 krok_!
583emg<emg> nope, C is nice and simple :-) 2016/06/24 Fri 11:41:24 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
199engla* engla hangs out "Poppa == No shoppa" sign 2013/01/23 Wed 16:25:47 engla
223engla<engla> pragma-: I'm not a clever man 2013/06/11 Tue 22:05:23 pragma-
610enjoi<enjoi> god I can't type this morning please send power of jesus to my fingers. 2016/09/07 Wed 05:16:56 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
190euthy<euthy> Zhivago: I've had much benefit of talking to imaginary people before, but usually only to gain new ideas. I don't think I've deliberately used it to gain confidence in some idea I'm having doubts about. At least not where someone other than me is the proponent of it. 2012/09/08 Sat 07:00:41 pragma-
195euthy<euthy> orbitz: What does "is" mean, to you? 2013/01/06 Sun 07:23:12 mrout
536fibonacci_<fibonacci_> wtf is this shit, I don't like it, it's supposed to open a new window or something, why isn't it a separate program? I also decided to type printf to see if it'd make the font red, and it didn't. No I need a separate app, 2015/10/10 Sat 20:19:00 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
258fisted<fisted> does visual studio even have Clippy? 2013/10/06 Sun 13:42:50 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
218fizzie<fizzie> ,cc #define FOO__(count,v) do { int foo_##count = v; printf("foo_%s = %d\n", #count, foo_##count); } while (0) \n #define FOO_(count,v) FOO__(count,v) \n #define FOO(v) FOO_(__COUNTER__,v) \n FOO(42); FOO(64); 2013/04/19 Fri 11:12:45 pragma-
725fizzie<fizzie> Even if it's intended to involve UB, they'd have to provide a little more context, because two different compilers gave different answers to that. 2017/03/02 Thu 14:01:20 dminuoso!~dminuoso@unaffiliated/dminuoso
940fizzie<fizzie> Best * rationale: it's used with pointers, because a star is pointy. 2017/11/20 Mon 10:40:33 jp!
981fizzie<fizzie> When someone else volunteers you for something, you got "voluntold". 2017/12/31 Sun 10:43:38 e!e@enucs/spy.edk
417fluter<fluter> fstd, just demonstrated his unability of read, 2014/07/11 Fri 19:31:42 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
465fluter<fluter> Gravity makes human cannot fly. 2015/01/05 Mon 23:17:30 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
471fluter<fluter> Zhivago: Yes, I'm idiot. :( 2015/02/13 Fri 00:56:03 boru!~boru@unaffiliated/boru
509fluter<fluter> CaZe: No, I like gay. 2015/07/31 Fri 19:04:33 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
510fluter<fluter> CaZe: No, I like straight people the same as gay. 2015/07/31 Fri 19:05:30 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
512fluter<fluter> CaZe: Borrow me your hand. 2015/07/31 Fri 20:54:12 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
531fluter<fluter> CaZe is a sexy boy. 2015/09/22 Tue 21:07:36 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
532fluter<fluter> aerth: it does not ends. 2015/09/28 Mon 18:51:44 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
537fluter<fluter> Did he drive urine of himself? 2015/10/12 Mon 00:17:32 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
538fluter<fluter> only in India cows flow by river. 2015/10/12 Mon 00:18:59 sm0ke!~sm0ke@unaffiliated/sm0ke
542fluter<fluter> Zhivago: Why cannot there be a final solution of Islam problem? 2015/10/26 Mon 22:27:27 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
549fluter<fluter> But it was Trump to bang all muslims from entering the state side. 2015/12/17 Thu 23:24:12 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
552fluter<fluter> CaZe: Family is family, like is like. 2016/01/18 Mon 22:05:03 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
553fluter<fluter> CaZe: Turkey is the country shot down Russia's fight jet, it's also the chicken to eat. 2016/01/19 Tue 16:53:11 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
576fluter<fluter> Zhivago: Because they cannot run on bare mental? 2016/06/12 Sun 20:27:11 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
584fluter<fluter> fluter is not an adjective nor a word 2016/06/27 Mon 06:48:46 e!edk@freenode/voted-remain/edk
592fluter<fluter> CaZe: Because you will never forgotten. 2016/07/28 Thu 00:12:07 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
612fluter<fluter> Caze: Did you run more cycling? 2016/09/09 Fri 02:43:20 caze!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
682fluter<fluter> caze is pissed off because he didn't get red bags 2017/01/28 Sat 16:48:50 caze!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
566fluter, pragma-<fluter> Hey , I found something fun. <pragma-> fluter: put it back in your pants 2016/04/22 Fri 18:09:05 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
668FMan<FMan> if I go to the fridge and there is no cream for my coffee, my behavior will be undefined 2017/01/23 Mon 13:57:07 masoudd!~masoudd@
795FManTropyx<FManTropyx> well, thanks for all the input: I shall proceed to promptly ignore it all 2017/06/20 Tue 03:36:53 alyptik!ayyy@unaffiliated/alyptik
797FManTropyx<FManTropyx> my code is almost perfect 2017/06/21 Wed 14:08:55 alyptik!ayyy@unaffiliated/alyptik
920FManTropyx<FManTropyx> something weird is going on: I think C could be broken 2017/11/04 Sat 13:00:49 jp!
380Fractals, Zhivago<Fractals> situps are indeed fairly pointless <Zhivago> You should try shutups instead. 2014/05/13 Tue 00:54:07 edk!znc@unaffiliated/edk
543fredc<fredc> kate: I am not really into pointers right now 2015/11/26 Thu 09:19:48 kate!
544fredc, pragma-, w41<fredc> a string is a no of characters <pragma-> opposed to a yes of integers? <w41> A maybe of doubles. 2015/11/26 Thu 09:22:50 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
286frog_sha0, Chris<frog_sha0> The following is a joke: If you #define ever (;;) then you can do: for ever { ... } <Chris> it's a joke because it's horrible, not because it doesn't work. <Chris> (because obviously forever has no space) 2013/10/29 Tue 16:58:16 frog_sha0!
317frog_sha0, Chris, Zhivago<frog_sha0> But I don't think JS nurtures hard-coreness, in a programmer. <Chris> what is hard-coreness? <Zhivago> Chris: It's like being an apple. 2014/01/08 Wed 19:24:30 frog_sha0!
282frog_sha0, pragma-, Zhivago* frog_sha0 watches a hypothesis about Marilyn Monroe being killed by an enema. <pragma-> sounds like a crappy way to go <Zhivago> Maybe Gandhi got to her. 2013/10/26 Sat 20:00:09 frog_sha0!
526fstd<fstd> pragma with a - is fluter. 2015/09/11 Fri 21:23:05 o11c!~ben@unaffiliated/o11c
572fstd<fstd> bash-scripting sysadmins are fucking amateur casuals 2016/05/29 Sun 19:17:22 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
649fstd<fstd> linux torvalds is my hero 2017/01/10 Tue 13:05:20 dho!
666fstd<fstd> i just want quote 666. 2017/01/20 Fri 13:38:17 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
866fstd<fstd> report doesn't rhyme with -port either, you fkn moron 2017/09/04 Mon 13:55:27 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
445fstd<fstd> nitrix: <fstd> (``user from a programmer's point of view'') 2014/11/16 Sun 10:01:24 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
402fstd, pragma-<fstd> but we're in the International Realtime Chat here -- our actions don't necessarily reflect how we'd behave in the real world <pragma-> fstd: I think you're confused about what the I and R in IRC stand for. <pragma-> I'm pretty sure it has something to do with idiots and retards. 2014/07/02 Wed 12:11:23 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
867fstd_<fstd_> pragma- is a good hitler 2017/09/04 Mon 14:36:03 alyptik!
534Gaddafi<Gaddafi> KICKED by ChanServ!ChanServ@services. (Banned: sorry, only whores allowed) 2015/10/04 Sun 12:03:03 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
539gbobby, fizzie<gbobby> a cool Java feature that I wish were in C11 is breaking out of multiple loops by putting a label on the loop <fizzie> You could argue that the C syntax is safer, because you see where the jump is going to, rather than having to match the {} of a six-page while loop. 2015/10/12 Mon 05:47:53 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
143georgej<georgej> pragma_: Does candide save its quotes somewhere? 2012/01/30 Mon 14:06:50 CaZe
173georgej* georgej grabs candide's arse. 2012/08/01 Wed 02:51:17 pragma-
895glacial<glacial> pragma-: there is no other operating system but GNU, and Windows is one of its kernels 2017/10/17 Tue 19:07:37 alyptik!
345glenfe<glenfe> All valuable. The the most helpful, though, is that one female in this channel, fisted, has already helpfully suggested that Eloise is a name that other girls would bully. 2014/03/17 Mon 18:07:34 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
41gnech<gnech> are there any good tutorials on how to code webpages using C 2009/12/13 Sun 20:58:41 spv
194goldstar<goldstar> yeboot: theoretically speaking, shouldnt it throw an exception or something ? Since printf is looking for a signed value from a variable that is declared unsigned? 2013/01/06 Sun 06:27:00 CaZe
185GoogleGuy<GoogleGuy> Wow, I almost feel an awkward tingling sensation that this didn't segfault. 2012/08/05 Sun 04:48:34 pragma-
423gregor2<gregor2> Who's birthday is on 16.10? <gregor2> whose?? <gregor2> not who ones? 2014/08/21 Thu 12:21:58 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
150guidj0s<guidj0s> If I had to guess, I'd say the latter is the most stupid. 2012/03/04 Sun 16:46:59 sha0
230guidj0s<guidj0s> Goplat: "Stack allocation" is a ridiculous, vague and imprecise term. 2013/07/14 Sun 13:04:34 beaky
915halfwit<halfwit> TIL my ass is turing complete. 2017/10/31 Tue 13:50:58 jp!
140haqe17<haqe17> now that my code compiles, I can see the segfaults :) im so happy 2011/12/24 Sat 19:20:38 pragma_
760hellpumpkin<hellpumpkin> I have a question about pointers. I'm coding a sum up of arrays elements, but when I play my code it randomly gives me the right answer, sometimes it gives me the right answer and sometime it just give me a random answer 2017/04/15 Sat 14:42:27 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
420henriqueleng, PoppaVic<henriqueleng> nitrix: How i print file? <PoppaVic> press the "print" key 2014/07/17 Thu 20:07:43 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
72hevauq<hevauq> hi all, I am trying to create an array/set of identifier(integers mostly) using some bitwise operation. I want to use this array of numbers to compare against a given value to find out if it is among one of the values in array. For now I was converting it into string and doing a strcmp. Is there any better/elegant way of doing such thing? 2010/05/20 Thu 00:32:50 pragma_
622hippybear<hippybear> I know fish tastes fishy because I ate a fish. You dont have to chug semen to know that is what it tastes like when someone tells you that is bull semen 2016/10/15 Sat 10:26:39 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
242hiptobecubic<hiptobecubic> "We put pins between the keys to encourage attention to detail" 2013/09/02 Mon 16:31:22 nitrix
781hmmmm<hmmmm> I know HTML and XML <hmmmm> in fact all my friends call me the HTML wizard <hmmmm> so it should be pretty ez to learn C, right?? 2017/05/27 Sat 13:01:03 kg!~krok_@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
761hoenir<hoenir> I know make isn't a scripting language, it's just bash with some aditional plugins 2017/04/17 Mon 14:56:45 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
587hyouri<hyouri> Even if LCTHW teaches the wrong thing, I feel like it explains easier and in a more friendly way 2016/07/11 Mon 13:53:02 prgm-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
259i-love-boobies<i-love-boobies> I don't like periods either. 2013/10/08 Tue 18:53:29 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
575idontevenknow, pnbeast<idontevenknow> I have a question about c, is someone here to answer? <pnbeast> idontevenknow, this is IRC. Just ask your question. <idontevenknow> maybe you can help me thought, its a very simple question. Is doing Int i = &(*r) is the same as doing Int i = r? <idontevenknow> this IRC is more dead than my grandma's vagina 2016/06/04 Sat 10:47:55 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
837iptie<iptie> I believe you are progma. 2017/08/25 Fri 20:10:17 dho!
273isidore, frog_sha0<isidore> just one thing <frog_sha0> Who are you, Columbo? 2013/10/20 Sun 08:27:05 edk!edk@unaffiliated/edk
1069itsMontoya<itsMontoya> I feel like I walked into some weird alternate reality where C programmers are in the corner sniffing glue 2018/02/23 Fri 11:40:07 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
643izabera<izabera> sathylias: basically your computer didn't go to school and smaller data structures are always faster 2017/01/05 Thu 20:44:58 o11c!~ben@unaffiliated/o11c
776izabera<izabera> get a book, learn to code, come back 2017/05/13 Sat 14:53:51 krok_!
112j-invariant<j-invariant> what's the best program that tries to tell whether a c program terminates or loops? 2011/01/25 Tue 18:40:49 pragma_
100jafet<jafet> I've always read DBMS as BDSM 2010/11/11 Thu 08:09:12 Math
99jaik<jaik> Hello all together, I'm a bit confused about the usage of Pointers. I've a pointer char *p = "foo" and a pointer *q. Using the statement q = p makes q pointing on "foo". The C programming language sais "For example, if iq is another pointer to int, iq = ip copies the contents of ip into iq, thus making iq point to whatever ip pointed to." - but when the value *p points to changes to "bar", *q also points to "bar" and not to foo anymore. Isn't that in con 2010/11/07 Sun 05:08:11 Crum
267jalcine, pragma-<jalcine> I actually know a chick who codes that symlink'd `man` to `woman` <pragma-> more proof that women are insane. 2013/10/18 Fri 05:54:01 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
101jaytea<jaytea> you could also try smoking its pages. that's the quickest way to absorb its information 2010/11/11 Thu 11:18:16 pragma_
257jennie, pragma-<jennie> hi <pragma-> oh no. 2013/10/05 Sat 03:55:42 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1217jlf<jlf> hmm, "code gardeners" sounds so much more pleasant than the reality i'm living 2018/07/09 Mon 14:59:46 dho!
139jmcg<jmcg> I mean, as a compiler, I'd punch you in the face. 2011/12/16 Fri 14:29:35 pragma_
1051jp<jp> i _think_ (not 100% sure) that a huge allocation that spans pages may not physically be contiguous (but will act as if it is) 2018/02/10 Sat 10:57:49 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1107jp<jp> "Some Honeywell-Bull mainframes use the bit pattern 06000 for (internal) null pointers." 2018/03/21 Wed 11:31:32 VLetrmx!~VLetrmx@unaffiliated/vletrmx
1142jp<jp> rest in porkchop 2018/04/20 Fri 15:51:41 atoy!
1219k<k> this is highly irregular. 2018/07/09 Mon 18:11:01 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
567kamog, pragma-<kamog> marchelzo: no, I mean, I want to allocate a piece of memory and stick its pointer into everywhere and do whatever (writing included) I need with it in different places. <pragma-> kamog: pieces of memory are not like teenage boys 2016/04/24 Sun 14:09:58 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
907karthyk<karthyk> why am i not able to find the source code of sizeof() 2017/10/28 Sat 22:15:50 jp!
914karthyk, FMan1988<karthyk> IT reminds me of that horror movie <FMan1988> Sex in the City? 2017/10/31 Tue 09:28:51 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1044karthyk<karthyk> int* a <-- pointer of size int and int *a <-- int holding a pointer <karthyk> guys it gets more awkward with multiple * like int* *p; 2018/01/31 Wed 00:37:36 jp!
350katana-, kate`<katana-> kate havent you heard about this new twitter thing <katana-> its popular with the cool folk <kate`> sorry i don't listen to rap music 2014/03/20 Thu 12:52:24 rob``!
944kate<kate> imnotfat: jesus christ stop repeating yourself. it's fucking annoying 2017/11/23 Thu 10:02:43 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1211kate<kate> aren't we all worse than useless, in some sense 2018/06/28 Thu 04:26:20 othias!504e056b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
479kate<kate> i think the general image people have for native americans, is to lump together all the aspects from various different groups into one sort of conjoined super proto-american <kate> i suppose it'd be a bit like presenting a typical person from the UK as having a bowler hat, dragon and kilt 2015/03/30 Mon 15:31:09 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
519kate<kate> it wraps around <kate> like a travelling musician 2015/08/24 Mon 12:53:19 profess!~profess@unaffiliated/csddesk
570kate<kate> Siegfried: nobody is insulting you <kate> idiot 2016/04/28 Thu 07:39:45 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
135kate`<kate`> time to hoover my sand 2011/09/22 Thu 06:40:53 pragma_
179kate`<kate`> dardevelin: thank you for the feeback, though; next time you ask for something, i shall refrain from giving my input 2012/08/02 Thu 22:34:50 pragma-
180kate`<kate`> hey, what do i know? you just told me to shut up, when i was trying to help you. somehow i don't feel like teaching you how to do this 2012/08/02 Thu 22:52:50 pragma-
181kate`* kate` stabs herself in the face 2012/08/02 Thu 23:05:26 pragma-
214kate`<kate`> "imagine my code is completely different from what i'm showing you. will it work?" 2013/03/11 Mon 07:17:11 kulp
227kate`<kate`> are you full of penis, orbitz? 2013/06/23 Sun 13:45:32 rob``
331kate`<kate`> man. C is a stupid language 2014/02/21 Fri 20:31:59 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
352kate`<kate`> cousteau, a worrying number of people assume i'm named after KDE's text editor 2014/03/25 Tue 06:17:33 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
424kate`<kate`> i think more like a pimp 2014/08/25 Mon 02:15:16 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
3kernelj<kernelj> ohday_: not really I just like playing with stuff... and making it fail 2009/12/09 Wed 16:23:52 pragma_
551Kerr<Kerr> I think I got banged by candide 2016/01/11 Mon 13:36:40 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
158kesselhaus_<kesselhaus_> brain is out .. 2012/04/01 Sun 07:46:34 sha0
249kesselhaus_<kesselhaus_> aaahhhh ... 3 weeks OFF .. out of that chaos computing club called "work" 2013/09/20 Fri 16:16:35 beaky
327kfirfer<kfirfer> make stack which are inserted the characters of opening brackets and closing brackets for checking the organ cartridge 2014/02/09 Sun 19:44:58 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
898kg<kg> e: i have an iq of 159. 2017/10/21 Sat 18:44:05 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
857kline<kline> Phanes, then please leave, for your own safety, and our pleasure 2017/09/02 Sat 19:43:34 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1032koisoke<koisoke> is it forbidden on here to suggest the usual literature sites for the piratically inclined? 2018/01/26 Fri 10:15:46 dorp!
1056koisoke<koisoke> ,cc sizeof(!262144) 2018/02/12 Mon 01:37:38 r3kz!uid254589@gateway/web/
1144korans<korans> that's a brilliant example of how to put white space in all the wrong places 2018/04/21 Sat 17:53:10 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
589koro<koro> Here's one who prefers discussing the stack of C implementations over anal sex :( 2016/07/24 Sun 21:56:26 anonnumberanon!~anonnumbe@unaffiliated/anonnumberanon
91kr04f<kr04f> why care 1byte char or 10 byte char 2010/10/27 Wed 07:07:23 n00p
951Kristjan<Kristjan> My name is Kristjan Robam. Bank account nr: EE671010010225901016 (SEB Estonia). People, <Kristjan> please donate me with 5000$ donates. I am in urgent need for money. 2017/11/29 Wed 04:56:27 othias!504e0568@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
1220ksft<ksft> after I gzipped the data, I was writing the first chunk of 1024 bytes over and over! 2018/07/12 Thu 21:51:14 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
118kulp<kulp> "The pig go. Go is to the fountain. The pig put foot. Grunt. Foot in what? ketchup. The dove fly. Fly is in sky. The dove drop something. The something on the pig. The pig disgusting. The pig rattle. Rattle with dove. The dove angry. The pig leave. The dove produce. Produce is chicken wing. With wing bark. No Quack." — A Neural Network 2011/02/17 Thu 15:40:17 pragma_
151kulp<kulp> an architecture course i took permitted any language. i used perl. the next year it was c/c++ only. 2012/03/06 Tue 08:08:31 pragma_
1304kurahaupo<kurahaupo> Oh, it was supposed to be parody. Why didn't you say so? 2019/09/02 Mon 06:36:36 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
638Learath2, carabia<Learath2> we have a shitty oreo substitute called negro in turkey <carabia> Learath2: i heard there was something similar in the us as a substitute for a president 2016/12/21 Wed 14:37:52 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
359lemonade`<lemonade`> maybe zid` saw you as a threat to his superior knowledge of RLL and MFM drives 2014/04/04 Fri 10:04:57 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
69lenhix<lenhix> PoppaVic, excuse my ignorance, what do you mean by blows goats? 2010/04/20 Tue 20:58:31 pragma_
508lens<lens> I think I would benefit more with 1-17 if I had a better understanding of function use 2015/07/30 Thu 17:51:59 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
494lens, pragma-* lens splooges his IP all over fstd and pragma- <pragma-> lens: ew! * pragma- wips the off. 2015/06/07 Sun 17:51:50 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
862LeoNerd<LeoNerd> It tests a thing used to test tests that test the tests that test the tests that test actual things 2017/09/03 Sun 14:13:45 alyptik!
1028Linux_user5000<Linux_user5000> MMX isn't a real cpu architecture <Linux_user5000> Im pretty sure it was just a concept idea made up by a computer science profresser 2018/01/23 Tue 20:04:48 jp!
555Logicista, snhmib<Logicista> if I were benevolent dictator of C, with a time machine, I'd make everybody pass a 'pool' paramter to malloc - which is initially passed in through main() <snhmib> i think a jacuzzi parameter might be better 2016/01/31 Sun 12:23:11 cousteau!
377LordThumper<LordThumper> Hi, I have a strange issue. My code is working, but it shouldn't be. 2014/05/08 Thu 07:26:38 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
714lotry<lotry> but why will i need EOF until i actually want the EOF? 2017/02/23 Thu 20:16:03 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
716lotry<lotry> emergency oatmeal 2017/02/25 Sat 04:37:48 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
717lotry, twkm<lotry> Why do i need to initialze state = OUT? <twkm> shoudn't the state begin somewhere? <lotry> why <twkm> ahh, you want #philosophy. 2017/02/25 Sat 20:29:42 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
408lucaspc* lucaspc Memory failed. Core dumb 2014/07/06 Sun 17:33:08 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
324LunaticEdit<LunaticEdit> the ground creaks and grones under the weight of sha0's words 2014/02/05 Wed 18:27:42 sha0!
497m0shbear<m0shbear> accessing invalid pointers is UB, so it's free to corrupt your .vimrc, for example 2015/07/07 Tue 13:05:13 dtscode!
196magisterquis* magisterquis points to his dunce cap. 2013/01/18 Fri 14:08:53 engla
619Malkrith<Malkrith> I sort of wonder if there is some kind of linter for c 2016/10/04 Tue 12:03:01 masochist!~masochist@unaffiliated/masochist
415ManDay<ManDay> fstd: If I had a testcase I wouldn't have to ask 2014/07/11 Fri 08:19:39 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
657mane<mane> atk ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2017/01/17 Tue 14:33:56 atk!~Arch-TK@fsf/member/Arch-TK
217mar77i<mar77i> sedeki: because this channel doesn't have a bot that !grabs people? 2013/03/19 Tue 08:26:44 kulp
467mar77i<mar77i> ##c is a relaxed, fun irc channel full of great, intelligent people. 2015/01/08 Thu 04:01:17 jack_rabbit!
522mar77i<mar77i> I once used macros to kill a man in reno 2015/08/31 Mon 17:20:41 marchelzo_!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo/x-2669545
520marchelzo<marchelzo> profess expressed it quite nicely 2015/08/24 Mon 13:05:56 profess!~profess@unaffiliated/csddesk
562marchelzo<marchelzo> C is for real programmers. if you want to be babied and have your language guarantee the validity of your strings then use a baby language like Java. 2016/03/24 Thu 14:19:39 latch!~latch@unaffiliated/latch
624marchelzo<marchelzo> you can quote me on that 2016/11/11 Fri 12:58:23 latch!~latch@unaffiliated/latch
628marchelzo<marchelzo> i am one of those people who assesses things rationally and objectively 2016/11/21 Mon 15:25:30 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
684marchelzo<marchelzo> pragma-: actually i am pretty slow 2017/01/31 Tue 14:47:15 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
711marchelzo, Chris<marchelzo> Chris: hi fam <Chris> marchelzo: hi vla 2017/02/20 Mon 22:31:55 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
599marchelzo, jonbryan<marchelzo> pragma- is no better than the hipsters who hang out in coffee shops with their macbooks writing rails apps <jonbryan> marchelzo: rude * jonbryan whips his scarf over his shoulder 2016/08/01 Mon 18:52:42 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
600marchelzo, pragma-<marchelzo> pragma- is no better than the hipsters who hang out in coffee shops with their macbooks writing rails apps <pragma-> you're just jealous that I can put together a web app in 5 minutes that makes me an extra $2,000 a year in ad revenue so I can buy extra macbooks. 2016/08/01 Mon 18:53:44 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
678marchelzo, pragma-<marchelzo> pragma-, i would never have guessed you were educated <pragma-> marchelzo: I understand. It takes one to know one, after all. 2017/01/26 Thu 17:17:42 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
954martinmch, TommyC<martinmch> These mutex' are killing me. <TommyC> Well at least they're not killing you simultaneously. 2017/12/03 Sun 14:05:15 cousteau!~cousteau@unaffiliated/cousteau
955martinmch, TommyC<martinmch> These mutex' are killing me. <TommyC> Well at least they're not killing you simultaneously. 2017/12/03 Sun 14:32:50 martinmch!
611masochist<masochist> ah, windows. how delightful. 2016/09/08 Thu 10:32:05 cousteau!869356f3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
211mathi<mathi> daowee, the problem is that in C it may work while it is wrong :P 2013/02/22 Fri 12:27:39 kulp
74mauke<mauke> #define ADDRESS_OF(x) (&(x)) #define THE_STUFF_AT(x) (*(x)) #define THE(m, x) (x).m #define PART_OF(x) (x) 2010/06/22 Tue 17:38:18 pragma_
75mauke<mauke> ADDRESS_OF(THE(member, PART_OF(THE_STUFF_AT(B)))) 2010/06/22 Tue 17:38:40 pragma_
247Maxdamantus<Maxdamantus> Replace || with )))))))))))||((((((((((( and = with )))))))))))))=(((((((((((((, then add brackets to the ends of the expression to make the numbers match up. 2013/09/19 Thu 05:22:46 mar77i
307mdev, boru<mdev> boru read my code <boru> I'd rather not. I just ate lunch. 2013/12/11 Wed 04:37:06 edk!edk@unaffiliated/edk
107mechanist<mechanist> you're not but a bunch of lamer 2010/12/11 Sat 22:44:35 pragma_
533mechanist<mechanist> loop = recursive function 2015/09/29 Tue 13:09:47 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
487mentoc<mentoc> I should utilize wikipedia before I speak 2015/05/09 Sat 14:17:41 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
478mentoc, edk<mentoc> Is const-correctness an important thing to learn in C? <edk> just learn const-incorrectness and do the opposite of that 2015/03/30 Mon 15:30:09 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
513MethylatorX<MethylatorX> also i'm on a good level and better than many other pro-coders here . i managed to learn english on my own and i still get you to understand me 2015/08/04 Tue 11:53:59 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
523MethylatorX<MethylatorX> new is 176$ and used 177$ ==> amazon is really logical. <MethylatorX> the should check their if statments. 2015/09/03 Thu 09:56:18 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
82mk-ultra<mk-ultra> eurythmia, so Zhivago is like a grumpy old lady that happens to be a C programmer ? 2010/08/19 Thu 10:49:16 eurythmia
11mkop<mkop> Insight of the day: Programming is likely to induce an extreme of moods, alternating quickly between, "Wow, I'm a freaking genius!" and "Wow, I'm a freaking moron!" 2009/12/09 Wed 23:12:50 pragma_
12mkop<mkop> I'll stop playing with it in public. 2009/12/09 Wed 23:24:29 pragma_
410motaka2<motaka2> I do code in PHP but design problems are not much relevant to pgr lang 2014/07/07 Mon 14:13:09 Chris!~chris@unaffiliated/chris
411motaka2<motaka2> ;) common all c pgrs know c++ 2014/07/07 Mon 14:14:15 hunt!
793moth<moth> how huge is huge? 2017/06/16 Fri 17:31:46 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1123mub<mub> It's fun to make things difficult 2018/04/02 Mon 13:08:00 m0shbear!
840muffindrake<muffindrake> casting a to char is the wrong way to gay, as you lose data 2017/08/26 Sat 01:56:52 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
130mutex_<mutex_> wow, i'm stupid 2011/05/12 Thu 16:05:59 Wulf
631n00buser<n00buser> the code is ok, since it compiles 2016/12/08 Thu 15:07:43 CaZe!~caze@2607:f2f8:a678::2
10n00p<n00p> don't you dare quote me without permission mbohun 2009/12/09 Wed 20:35:44 LimCore
73n00p<n00p> My acrobat isn't working, and I can't reinstall for some reason... I sent an email to adobe, they replied in pdf format. 2010/06/05 Sat 23:54:37 pragma_
80n00p<n00p> rek: When you send a message over IRC, that becomes our input (as arguments). We process it, and output a message that hopefully serves the purpose of pointing you in the right direction. The output is a return value. 2010/08/18 Wed 08:40:26 eurythmia
83n00p<n00p> Teckla: Would you like to know why? 2010/10/17 Sun 09:52:19 boris``
84n00p<n00p> Teckla: No, I can't practice that in private. 2010/10/17 Sun 09:51:53 boris``
132n00p<n00p> I live to perv. 2011/06/01 Wed 14:55:45 CaZe
1168nai<nai> i think gcc is a pretty decent UIFOGSCIMSTUCKINANACRONYMHELPMEPLEASETTAFSCCOG 2018/05/28 Mon 19:36:02 nai!
1169nai<nai> .. why the fuck isn't the standard free? 2018/05/28 Mon 19:36:13 nai!
1170nai<nai> .& is the syntax for getting a pointer-to-member, it's probably not what you want 2018/05/28 Mon 19:36:31 nai!
1171nai<nai> .. why the fuck isn't the standard free? 2018/05/28 Mon 19:37:02 nai!
1172nai<nai> .. why the fuck isn't the standard free? 2018/05/28 Mon 19:37:14 nai!
1162name<name> an array is where clint eastwood eats the bullets out of the pineapples that chuck norris cuts down in the living room beofore they are transported to the kitchen by a converyor belt made eitirley out of a thin layer of pepper 2018/05/15 Tue 04:04:59 jp!
435napsy<napsy> we could complicate things and be technically and academically correct. Or help someone that's new with the language 2014/10/02 Thu 01:03:29 CaZe!~caze@2607:f2f8:a678::2
221ne2k<ne2k> why is printf so complicated? it's, like, half of C was invented just so printf would work!!!!!11 2013/06/04 Tue 09:31:03 pragma-
1114ngomes, pragma-<ngomes> i'm following some guide and its telling me that configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables <pragma-> ngomes: well thats not a very useful c compiler 2018/03/24 Sat 18:16:05 jp!
617nHeck, pragma-<nHeck> shrood: i dont download music, i'm too flooded in youtube chill shit to download anything for the rest of my life <pragma-> is there anybody here able to translate teenspeak to English? 2016/10/02 Sun 16:05:28 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
696Nightwing52, pragma-<Nightwing52> So, Github isn't wanting to push my main.c file. O.o <pragma-> I can only hope that one day my servers are as smart as github. 2017/02/05 Sun 13:57:44 vktec!~vktec@torbaytechjam/samadivk
697Nightwing52, pragma-<Nightwing52> He's an admin so I can't say shit. XD <pragma-> pansy 2017/02/05 Sun 14:21:20 vktec!~vktec@torbaytechjam/samadivk
234nitrix<nitrix> Whatever floats your boat. A sea of problems seems reasonable. 2013/07/29 Mon 11:44:07 nitrix
260nitrix<nitrix> Sounds like you didn't even search on youtube. 2013/10/10 Thu 04:05:33 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
262nitrix<nitrix> Of course, I could see it like I suck at everything, but it's only because I always aim at higher than what I can do. 2013/10/11 Fri 09:39:38 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
277nitrix<nitrix> I'm inconsistant :3 2013/10/24 Thu 14:57:07 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
283nitrix<nitrix> It's time you start worshipping pragma-, man. 2013/10/26 Sat 23:29:20 sha0!
305nitrix<nitrix> If I can give you an advice, stop trying to generalize things. It never works out. 2013/12/01 Sun 12:16:41 cousteau!
326nitrix<nitrix> He didn't solve a problem with C (that could have been done with an implementation tailored to his vision), he instead, created a new language. In the end, C is just the same and we have a second language to design, learn and fix the implementations. 2014/02/09 Sun 12:18:59 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
432nitrix<nitrix> goldess: Maybe you could see functions as children toys, with holes punched in where you have to fit the right piece into each shape. 2014/09/21 Sun 09:01:06 marchelzo_!
368nitrix, Chris<nitrix> Thankfully, I'm more responsible than I'm retarded. <Chris> that's certainly a great deal of responsibility 2014/04/25 Fri 20:00:52 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
361nitrix, jack_rabbit<nitrix> But I'm probably autist. <jack_rabbit> That's basically what I was saying, yes. <nitrix> ic. 2014/04/06 Sun 16:14:16 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
295nitrix<nitrix> davidio 6/7/02 Adding temporary tracking of Login screen <nitrix> jackie 5/22/07 Temporary my ass 2013/11/12 Tue 16:09:46 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
671nnpnv6<nnpnv6> izabera: one of types of floating point numbers supported by IEEE754 systems is NAN <nnpnv6> it is additional trashy bytes 2017/01/24 Tue 16:00:55 phox!
310no-n, nitrix<no-n> hmm <nitrix> You can shoot a lot of stuff and anywhere. 2013/12/19 Thu 20:30:02 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
454Noldorin<Noldorin> PoppaVic, it's called hyperbola. look it up. ;) 2014/12/08 Mon 15:27:54 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
403norcom<norcom> scanf() just seems like such an old function, that it would be hard to predict how it may or may not act in today's OS 2014/07/05 Sat 18:36:44 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
363nutzz, boru, pragma-<nutzz> Binary_Digit: but, how should I move the elements from the first tree to the second one? it seems pretty complicated <boru> If only there was zidtree. <pragma-> more like zidbucket 2014/04/10 Thu 04:21:24 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
517Oneriwien<Oneriwien> But part of growing up is moving on from simple console programs and into windows programming 2015/08/22 Sat 11:27:49 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
183orbitz<orbitz> ambro718: You never fail to impress me with your ability to create absolutely ridiculous situations that probably don't need to exist in the first place 2012/08/03 Fri 16:16:10 pragma-
197orbitz<orbitz> pragma-: wait until yo utaste my short ribs that fall off the boner 2013/01/21 Mon 12:44:11 pragma-
224orbitz<orbitz> pragma-: i have it tattooed on my ass but no mirror handy :( 2013/06/23 Sun 02:50:31 pragma-
228orbitz<orbitz> lemonade`: i don't know what point you're trying to make but i'm convinced it's both wrong and stupid. 2013/06/23 Sun 14:27:06 kate`
434orbitz<orbitz> C should die. It sucks. 2014/09/29 Mon 22:32:43 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
927othias<othias> ++i looks more gangsta 2017/11/10 Fri 06:21:25 naptime!~naptime@
771pappu<pappu> caze: you are the best fucking teacher in world 2017/05/10 Wed 01:50:15 fluter_!~fluter@fedora/fluter
425parcs, pragma-<parcs> i think it is one of the most readable styles <pragma-> I don't care what you think because you clearly do not know enough C to know what to think. 2014/08/31 Sun 07:23:39 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
43patrisk<patrisk> I wonder how many K&R books have been sold because of this channel. 2009/12/14 Mon 12:21:19 pragma_
270paulpaul1076, pgib<paulpaul1076> i know what it does, i was just saying that i haven't written any data structure in a long time, because i don't need to, since C++ has all of them <pgib> paulpaul1076: C++ has every data structure? 2013/10/18 Fri 08:59:41 phox!
353pentester_<pentester_> kate`: i love C and i want to learn it's deepest secrets 2014/03/25 Tue 06:20:00 squ!~Thunderbi@unaffiliated/squ
446pentester_<pentester_> i can penetrate if that what you want 2014/11/16 Sun 16:34:09 marchelzo_!
672Pessimist, pragma-<Pessimist> I'm a bit drunk so it's harder if you know what I mean <pragma-> is that what she said? <pragma-> I'm afraid "she" might not be a she, buddy. 2017/01/25 Wed 11:42:33 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
418petrusho<petrusho> i have successfuly duplicated structs (and classes) using memcpy(). (I normally wouldn't recommend doing this. But it worked) 2014/07/13 Sun 14:46:29 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
265pgib<pgib> I'm in the namespace namespace. fortunately we have namespaces so you don't confuse namespace with the namespace namespace 2013/10/17 Thu 14:15:50 pgib!~pgib@nat/cisco/x-clkabrrgzqxjjfdl
268pgib<pgib> cousteau, oh yeah baby troll me. we can do it under the bridge 2013/10/18 Fri 07:16:25 pgib!~pgib@nat/cisco/x-cmevzergmgesrunn
269pgib<pgib> Just because you were molested by a tree doesn't mean they are all the same 2013/10/18 Fri 08:50:25 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
456phale<phale> who says I use any of that C99/C90/C11 bullshit <phale> i'm discussing C89 <phale> a specific standard 2014/12/16 Tue 10:24:49 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
167phao<phao> igli, I thought he was creating prog1 2012/05/29 Tue 12:06:35 pragma-
803phillid<phillid> Like a queggle 2017/07/11 Tue 06:18:27 alyptik!ayyy@unaffiliated/alyptik
659phox, CaZe<phox> real hipsters don't buy their coffee online. duh. <CaZe> I do. 2017/01/18 Wed 13:26:52 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
253phox, rob``<phox> strcmp has an alternate personality that's a hermit crab <phox> so in its mind it's always in a shell <phox> at least that's what I tell students (: <rob``> wat? 2013/10/04 Fri 15:04:52 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
737phynite<phynite> So you agree that a byte is defined to be 1 but not 1 byte. 2017/03/10 Fri 18:04:15 bg!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
485pieceofpie, PoppaVic<pieceofpie> i have problems <pieceofpie> being a newb <PoppaVic> not at all, you seem to do it wonderfully. 2015/05/04 Mon 22:44:03 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
474plcguy<plcguy> hmm, so including stdio.h crashes my system at runtime 2015/02/24 Tue 11:16:49 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
620pnbeast<pnbeast> I would like them to squeeze the damn cow right onto the sauced crust. 2016/10/10 Mon 19:07:08 masoudd!~masoudd@
681pnbeast<pnbeast> You have to make sure no one tampers with your memory parachute or your program could spiral in at 200 MPH. 2017/01/28 Sat 10:35:31 izabera!~izabera@unaffiliated/izabera
695pnbeast<pnbeast> root_guix, as our lord and savior Stallman said, the GPL doesn't mean programmers have to work for free. By the foot-eating freedom number 7, we see this extends to book authors, too. You have to pay someone to write your non-invariant sections. 2017/02/05 Sun 08:02:27 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
906pnbeast<pnbeast> That's my problem, too. I get so emotion about code structure. The other day I tried to decide whether to put an opening brace after the "for" or on the next line and I broke down crying. 2017/10/28 Sat 11:44:06 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
1011pnbeast<pnbeast> Sufficiently high values of 4 can sometimes be used in place of 5. 2018/01/14 Sun 18:02:40 jp!
614pnbeast, dave0x6d<pnbeast> FBSD? Isn't that for people who hate Linux? <dave0x6d> I thought it was for people who hate themselves. 2016/09/18 Sun 18:59:28 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1086pnbeast, k<pnbeast> No, I looked. There are no potatos in the C11 standard. The pointer could not be to a potato. Potatos are an MSVC extension. <k> potatoes* 2018/03/09 Fri 18:02:07 jp!
87PoppaVic<PoppaVic> get people to pay to beta-test it. Amazingly, they will cough up money to suffer. 2010/10/19 Tue 09:36:19 n00p
133PoppaVic<PoppaVic> someday, a book and his very own compiler. 2011/06/10 Fri 22:29:00 n00p
169PoppaVic<PoppaVic> alas, plan9 is in a parallel dimension. 2012/07/07 Sat 18:01:34 engla
208PoppaVic<PoppaVic> #define bob addition\n#include "crap"\n#define bob subtraction\n#include "crap".... 2013/02/06 Wed 16:51:56 Vigud
213PoppaVic<PoppaVic> I before C, except after Tea 2013/02/26 Tue 14:07:06 Vigud
433PoppaVic<PoppaVic> now, wait... Just a sec.. We don't *KNOW* his mum was a woman at all. 2014/09/22 Mon 19:23:53 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
163pragma-<pragma-> "That's what." -- She 2012/05/04 Fri 23:44:27 sha0
165pragma-<pragma-> Stop arguing with me! 2012/05/05 Sat 03:57:16 sha0
187pragma-<pragma-> ESphynx: "I had a problem, so I decided to use Java. Now I have a ProblemFactory." 2012/08/12 Sun 09:22:56 pragma-
220pragma-<pragma-> seen in ##java just now: "Can someone tell me if this code is correct? <pastebin>" "Does it compile?" "Nope :(" "Then it's not correct." 2013/05/22 Wed 15:18:14 pragma-
226pragma-<pragma-> ,grab richardi penis 2013/06/23 Sun 09:20:04 Ebony
229pragma-<pragma-> "huhu?" are you a chimpanzee? 2013/06/28 Fri 16:30:03 nitrix
235pragma-<pragma-> You can try to idiot-proof everything, the world will just produce a bigger idiot. 2013/07/30 Tue 13:10:32 nitrix
236pragma-<pragma-> L8D: We get plenty of idiots in here -- it's not like you stand out as the king of idiots or anything. 2013/07/31 Wed 04:59:13 jpmelos
237pragma-<pragma-> I can tell you suck at C by where you put the * on your pointers. 2013/08/14 Wed 19:20:38 nitrix
238pragma-<pragma-> Once you discover the meaning of life, life then loses meaning. 2013/08/25 Sun 22:36:10 pragma-
239pragma-<pragma-> In the butt. 2013/08/27 Tue 20:38:12 nitrix
240pragma-<pragma-> get a room, you two. 2013/08/31 Sat 19:23:29 sha0
245pragma-<pragma-> I wish I had a real boy. All I have is a wooden puppet. 2013/09/18 Wed 07:12:32 nitrix
254pragma-<pragma-> Do you typically put a lot of things in your butt? 2013/10/04 Fri 21:51:51 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
264pragma-<pragma-> Sometimes I use big words that I don't understand in order to make myself seem more photosynthesis. 2013/10/15 Tue 18:30:46 phox!
274pragma-<pragma-> I use C11 just to rustle the jimmies of stuck-in-the-middle-ages old-fashioned behind-the-times antiquated out-dated programmers. 2013/10/22 Tue 09:44:49 rob``!
279pragma-<pragma-> magic only exists for those who believe through and through. 2013/10/25 Fri 19:15:29 sha0!
280pragma-<pragma-> #include <magic.h> 2013/10/25 Fri 19:15:56 sha0!
285pragma-<pragma-> please join #Zhivago-fanclub. for a one-time $15 contribution we will send you a poster and a mixtape including such classics as "Were you dropped on your head as a child?", "Perhaps you might find a small child to help you" and "You should see a doctor to check for signs of mental retardation"! Limited time only, join now! 2013/10/28 Mon 17:44:15 edk!edk@unaffiliated/edk
287pragma-<pragma-> "i'm making a robot, it uses C to interface with its components" "wow that's neat, what does your robot do?" "it collects data about the surrounding environment, then discards it and drives into walls" 2013/11/01 Fri 06:44:04 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
291pragma-<pragma-> I still half-expect myself to wake up in "the real world" when I die and all my friends will be surrounding me and laughing at the replays of my virtual life on the holographic display attached to my terminal. 2013/11/05 Tue 21:33:02 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
316pragma-<pragma-> That's the problem with idiots. They're like a blackhole, sucking everybody else in. 2014/01/06 Mon 21:58:52 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
318pragma-<pragma-> you misspelled retarted 2014/01/10 Fri 08:35:31 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
322pragma-<pragma-> consoles still at 80x25? how quaint. 2014/01/25 Sat 05:51:25 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
332pragma-<pragma-> stop arguing with me. 2014/02/28 Fri 01:06:34 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
344pragma-<pragma-> "A programmer had a problem. ''I know! I'll use regex it solve it!'' Now the programmer has two problems." 2014/03/15 Sat 00:11:17 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
358pragma-<pragma-> languages didn't get binkajigged by jewobbles pandiculating such ejaculations as "that's not a word!" 2014/04/03 Thu 05:59:17 zyxwvuts!~qnavry@unaffiliated/qnavry
362pragma-<pragma-> I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a masterful tour de force! 2014/04/09 Wed 15:51:04 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
373pragma-<pragma-> I think your view of humanity is weak and pathetic. You should probably be shot to rid your inferior ineffectual notions from the gene pool so that humanity can become stronger. 2014/05/03 Sat 03:27:19 jack_rabbit!
395pragma-<pragma-> wow, common-sense is not so common. 2014/06/18 Wed 11:21:31 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
401pragma-<pragma-> Are you not entertained?! 2014/06/28 Sat 00:58:37 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
404pragma-<pragma-> If you're still using C89 I feel bad for you, son. I got C99 problems but using %d for sizeof ain't one. 2014/07/06 Sun 17:16:45 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
413pragma-<pragma-> On the other hand, if he's too retarded to realize he's retarded and no-one tells him, he could become President of the United States! 2014/07/08 Tue 17:16:59 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
437pragma-<pragma-> I ducking hate auto-correct. 2014/10/10 Fri 10:56:52 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
448pragma-<pragma-> sjohnson: You've got to be kidding me. I've been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. It's just common sense. 2014/11/25 Tue 12:17:25 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
462pragma-<pragma-> crashing is jnfjnitely better than corrupted data or wrong results 2014/12/26 Fri 13:23:06 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
495pragma-<pragma-> If you aren't drinking coffee made from beans that were defecated by a rodent, you're not drinking coffee. 2015/06/10 Wed 08:53:32 marchelzo_!~marchelzo@
511pragma-<pragma-> In order to preserve my sanity, I'm going to pretend that you don't exist and that this conversation didn't happen. 2015/07/31 Fri 20:53:45 o11c!~ben@unaffiliated/o11c
515pragma-<pragma-> search for "hole" to get right to it. 2015/08/07 Fri 04:21:55 detergnet!~msb@unaffiliated/detergnet
525pragma-<pragma-> As a highly intelligent Redditor I would like to tweet that I think an Amazonian world ruled by m'ladies where the men are sex slaves is not at all a bad idea. Like this post and upvote if you agree! 2015/09/11 Fri 15:07:45 o11c!~ben@unaffiliated/o11c
527pragma-* pragma- infected by fluter. 2015/09/12 Sat 02:41:14 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
565pragma-<pragma-> queer eye for the straight guy doesn't get your dick high? 2016/04/19 Tue 20:07:32 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
571pragma-<pragma-> "I need to screw this screw into a wall. Ah, here's a screwdriver. *beats on head of screw with handle of screwdriver* Hmm, maybe this screwdriver isn't what I'm looking for..." 2016/05/06 Fri 01:48:54 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
579pragma-<pragma-> potatos are minerals not fruit! 2016/06/15 Wed 18:42:22 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
581pragma-<pragma-> Well, knock it off. Last guys finish last, you know. 2016/06/22 Wed 04:25:46 edk!edk@freenode/staff/spy.edk
582pragma-<pragma-> At least hell is a party. Heaven probably has a 5am wake-up call and makes you do chores all day. 2016/06/22 Wed 04:25:58 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
585pragma-<pragma-> this conversation is uncivilized. 2016/07/06 Wed 16:35:05 e!edk@freenode/voted-remain/edk
593pragma-<pragma-> "Hmm, I wonder what kind of crazy shit izabera is trying to do now..." *clicks link* "ah, yup" *closes link* 2016/07/28 Thu 15:04:34 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
602pragma-<pragma-> Did somebody say recursion? 2016/08/05 Fri 20:03:27 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
606pragma-<pragma-> Yes, my butt belongs to a handsome young man. 2016/08/22 Mon 15:34:58 doppel!
608pragma-<pragma-> I don't always program in C, but when I dSegmentation fault. Core dumped. 2016/09/02 Fri 09:35:37 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
613pragma-<pragma-> I had green cum once, and even that wasn't sticky. 2016/09/14 Wed 17:12:31 Kaslai!~Kaslai@unaffiliated/kaslai
618pragma-<pragma-> <pragma-/##c++> I find ++Ↄ to be a bit backwards. 2016/10/04 Tue 02:21:43 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
632pragma-<pragma-> With a lot of hard work and defecation, you can accomplish anything! 2016/12/11 Sun 17:42:24 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
639pragma-<pragma-> you know how that i before e except after c rule in English is bullshit? don't feel bad, Einstein got it wrong twice! 2016/12/23 Fri 13:24:12 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
646pragma-<pragma-> the only finger I like up my ass is my own. 2017/01/09 Mon 15:22:54 atk!~Arch-TK@fsf/member/Arch-TK
647pragma-<pragma-> Retr0id: then gnu is the next authority. 2017/01/09 Mon 16:32:47 caze!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
650pragma-<pragma-> what the goddamned fuck are you trying to say? 2017/01/10 Tue 13:23:24 qwename!
656pragma-<pragma-> "Pft, I've been programming for years. How hard can C be?" 2017/01/15 Sun 16:06:47 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
664pragma-<pragma-> also, good thing that there is literally no reason whatsoever for any implementation to ever not have a MAX_INT 2017/01/20 Fri 13:37:28 Random832!~random@unaffiliated/random832
667pragma-<pragma-> what makes it too small or too big? 2017/01/20 Fri 14:26:10 phox!
673pragma-<pragma-> k, now somebody type this: !grab pragma- hamburger 2017/01/25 Wed 17:09:15 Karou!83688c87@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
674pragma-<pragma-> 1tbs is a good style, a strong style, I would buy this style a hamburger. you should use 1tbs, it's a strong style, a good style, you would like it. It's strong and good. Make C great again. 2017/01/25 Wed 17:12:16 Karou!83688c87@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
675pragma-<pragma-> Karou: yeah, so !grab pragma- sty-le but without the dash in the middle 2017/01/25 Wed 17:12:27 phy1729!~phy1729@zsh/wizard/phy1729
676pragma-<pragma-> I wonder if any doctor has grafted a penis to somebody's forehead. 2017/01/26 Thu 13:46:38 phy1729!~phy1729@zsh/wizard/phy1729
680pragma-<pragma-> the sooner you realize that love is just a mental illness that temporarily clouds your judgment of another person so that you can procreate with them, the better off you'll be before you trap yourself in a marriage with an evil witch! 2017/01/27 Fri 15:46:11 phy1729!~phy1729@zsh/wizard/phy1729
688pragma-<pragma-> if you're compiler has inpu, you need to get better at wiping 2017/02/02 Thu 11:36:39 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
721pragma-<pragma-> bitch, i'm not gonna start pronouncing "char" as "care" when I read it. English is already fucked up enough! 2017/02/27 Mon 02:31:09 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
732pragma-<pragma-> Life isn't supposed to be fun! It's supposed to be stable! 2017/03/08 Wed 00:39:45 mthowe!~morganh@unaffiliated/mthowe
736pragma-<pragma-> FUCK FOOD ENGINEERING! I SHIT PURPLE NOW! 2017/03/08 Wed 08:22:31 Learath2!~learath2@unaffiliated/learath2
738pragma-<pragma-> you're all fucking retarded. 2017/03/11 Sat 10:23:25 Random832!~random@unaffiliated/random832
748pragma-<pragma-> ˙X :uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sᴉ ʇxǝʇ sᴉɥ⊥ 2017/03/16 Thu 03:23:59 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
755pragma-<pragma-> me is special 2017/04/11 Tue 12:49:02 cousteau!~cousteau@unaffiliated/cousteau
756pragma-<pragma-> viscera: I use Windows as my desktop because I'm not a masochist. I use linux/bsd/etc for their suitable roles, but not as a fucking desktop. Kill me if I have to suffer using X and that crap. 2017/04/11 Tue 21:18:50 caze!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
759pragma-<pragma-> doppel: how the hell are we hostile, you inbred donkey? 2017/04/13 Thu 21:03:45 phy1729!~phy1729@zsh/wizard/phy1729
784pragma-<pragma-> but together we can make my style great again 2017/06/01 Thu 15:48:21 moth!
792pragma-<pragma-> Thank god I'm the idiot that I think I am. 2017/06/05 Mon 14:35:21 dho!
918pragma-<pragma-> KICKED karthyk!~karthyk@2620:1e8:2:1::2f9 from ##c (upgraded to ban) 2017/11/04 Sat 09:02:03 karthy!~karthy@
1067pragma-* pragma- has the best undergarments. 2018/02/21 Wed 16:09:04 jp!
1205pragma-<pragma-> Fuck is an apostrophe doing there? English isn't some sci-fi alien language that needs mark-up everywhere. 2018/06/21 Thu 14:11:48 e!e@enucs/spy.edk
1294pragma-<pragma-> if it looks like memory and quacks like memory then it must be memory 2019/08/21 Wed 08:16:26 nitrix!~nitrix@haskell/developer/nitrix
275pragma-, candide<pragma-> candide can now be grabbed. <candide> pragma-, As if! 2013/10/22 Tue 11:56:41 sacho!~hecatonic@
367pragma-, CaZe<pragma-> some say that the white light you see when you die is actually the birth canal opening as you're born again <CaZe> goatse <pragma-> being born out of an anus would make for a pretty crappy life 2014/04/21 Mon 19:56:38 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
937pragma-, doppel<pragma-> I FIT 6 OF THEM <doppel> i can probably fit like one and a half horizontally and almost two vertically 2017/11/16 Thu 13:45:17 atk!Arch-TK@ircpuzzles/staff/Arch-TK
482pragma-, DTSCode<pragma-> char* p; /* i have no idea what i'm doing */ <DTSCode> That snippet looks like my code.** 2015/04/29 Wed 20:32:18 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
365pragma-, jack_rabbit<pragma-> jack_rabbit: will i get any superpowers? <jack_rabbit> pragma-, you'll smell bad and be fuzzy. Is that super? <pragma-> jack_rabbit: oh, so nothing new then 2014/04/11 Fri 17:32:38 jack_rabbit!
329pragma-, kate`<pragma-> There's a boomerang joke I'm trying to remember. Just wait a second, it'll come back to me. <kate`> well, what's the joke? 2014/02/12 Wed 04:12:34 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
679pragma-, marchelzo<pragma-> 2 + 2 = 4. fact. <marchelzo> pragma-, nah <marchelzo> pragma-, prove it <pragma-> ,calc 2 + 2 2017/01/26 Thu 20:30:19 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
276pragma-, phox<pragma-> women like big systems <phox> pragma-: that's a very pragmatic view 2013/10/23 Wed 15:35:04 edk!edk@unaffiliated/edk
256pragma-<pragma-> code is like a penis... <pragma-> The longer and harder it is the better it works. 2013/10/04 Fri 22:58:19 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
466pragma-<pragma-> i'm not furry! i have large patches of hair here and there <pragma-> mostly there 2015/01/06 Tue 09:24:01 cousteau!
518pragma-<pragma-> i guess hamburgers and hotdogs are animals too <pragma-> lets go to the zoo and pet the hotdogs 2015/08/24 Mon 12:41:38 marchelzo!~marchelzo@
700pragma-<pragma-> emojis are in full color now too. <pragma-> I remember the first time I saw a full color picture of something in a website and I tried to figure out what image format it was and it was just fucking text. 2017/02/07 Tue 18:29:32 sjohnson!
880pragma-, dho* pragma- considers turning her mouth on dho. <pragma-> That... came out wrong. * dho unzips. <pragma-> Nooooooo 2017/09/27 Wed 11:13:09 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
735pragma-, pchaos<pragma-> FUCK FOOD ENGINEERING! I SHIT PURPLE NOW! <pragma-> er, wrong channel. <pchaos> pragma-: what was the intended channel then <pchaos> pragma-: #c++ std discussion 2017/03/08 Wed 08:21:22 naptime!
328pragma-<pragma-> There's a boomerang joke I'm trying to remember. Just wait a second, it'll come back to me. <pragma-> It might have flown over the heads of a few people here. <pragma-> Did anybody catch that? 2014/02/12 Wed 03:11:46 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
660pragma-<pragma-> also write and fwrite aren't standard C <pragma-> except for fwrite <pragma-> which is 2017/01/19 Thu 17:07:40 phox!
685pragma-<pragma-> Steve Jobs isn't even that good of a guy. <pragma-> Got killed by apples. <pragma-> Ironic. 2017/01/31 Tue 16:30:45 phox!
734pragma-<pragma-> I think the past tense of free should be fred. <pragma-> you feed the dog. the dog has been fed. <pragma-> you free the pointer. the pointer has been fred. 2017/03/08 Wed 06:38:31 naptime!
116pragma_<pragma_> Some people in here benefit from warnings such as "Do not use hand to stop chain" on chainsaws. 2011/02/15 Tue 15:16:18 pragma_
117pragma_<pragma_> "Such an extensive computer science education opened up a wide range of career options, ranging from a professor at a university to ... a professor at another university." 2011/02/17 Thu 15:37:41 pragma_
125pragma_<pragma_> If you ask me to do an oil change on your car, I'd probably end up taking the whole car apart, and would probably have pieces left over if I put it back together again; but it'd probably run better! 2011/04/10 Sun 00:52:13 pragma_
137pragma_<pragma_> guy stays up all night, writes code, gets a nap, wakes up feeling like shit, runs code and notices it doesn't actually work as previously thought last night, spends hours debugging, gets stressed out, adds more backlog. other guy gets some sleep, wakes up refreshed, writes code with a clear head, ???, profit. 2011/12/12 Mon 17:32:56 pragma_
15pryon<pryon> (users are evil) 2009/12/10 Thu 10:05:58 pragma_
568pthreat<pthreat> No, BPS = blowjob per second ISO69 standard 2016/04/25 Mon 09:27:58 o11c!~ben@unaffiliated/o11c
603pwn, izabera<pwn> I need some design suggestions for a project i am working on. <izabera> paint it pink 2016/08/09 Tue 00:03:15 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
450py0<py0> I give no shits about distributive properties or addition being commutative <py0> I asked about parenthesis for fuck sake 2014/11/28 Fri 13:06:02 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
108pzombie<pzombie> well, looks like i have to teach you C once i learn it 2010/12/16 Thu 18:02:59 pragma_
26r0b0t1<r0b0t1> I've had kinky robot sex with candide before. 2009/12/11 Fri 23:15:47 pragma_
45r0b0t1<r0b0t1> I wrote a audio driver in brainfuck once. 2009/12/14 Mon 14:46:10 pragma_
399Radditz<Radditz> atoms are too sensible 2014/06/25 Wed 06:33:12 edk!znc@unaffiliated/edk
357Radditz, zid<Radditz> how do you thank someone? <zid> That is the most autistic thing I have heard all week 2014/04/02 Wed 02:07:19 rob``!
2raiford<raiford> rational representation is almost like symbolic representation 2009/12/09 Wed 16:05:15 pragma_
799rain1<rain1> i had an out of body near death experience where I completely memorized the entire C standard but I wasn't able to tell anyone answers to their C questions 2017/06/27 Tue 18:06:57 alyptik!ayyy@unaffiliated/alyptik
419Rasteril<Rasteril> There must be a way. There is always hope. 2014/07/15 Tue 03:34:38 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
832renn0xtk9<renn0xtk9> yeah I know it could easily overflow but I know the user and he won't enter more than 255 2017/08/23 Wed 12:18:53 sj0rz!
630resh, CaZe<resh> it also was possible to demonstrate but manipulation in bash... <CaZe> Your mom was good at demonstrating but manipulation. 2016/12/04 Sun 01:07:33 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
816Richard_Cavell<Richard_Cavell> Sometimes I'm glad this channel isn't logged, or else people would realize what a putz I am 2017/08/03 Thu 15:12:15 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
225richardi<richardi> i have a small penis 2013/06/23 Sun 09:19:04 pragma-
325riverloop, twkm<riverloop> But, I have heard that arrays decay to pointers. <twkm> you decay too, doesn't mean you are fertilizer. 2014/02/07 Fri 22:13:13 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
98rizlah<rizlah> Sarajevo:- Something like an INI file would be fine for your application IMO. 2010/11/01 Mon 10:31:28 n00p
314rob``<rob``> Someone™ should do it! 2014/01/01 Wed 14:13:56 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
145rob```<rob```> cs[tc]: your indentation is horrible. if i was printf() i'd give you garbage output too 2012/02/15 Wed 15:02:59 GeorgeJ
642rooftopjoe<rooftopjoe> the solution isn't wrong, i just had a small bug in it 2017/01/05 Thu 16:43:38 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
550Rovanion, vladvic<Rovanion> Java is about controling people. Making sure that they don't write bad code. <vladvic> Rovanion: ya, and C++ about making sure people don't write good one 2015/12/18 Fri 10:56:24 edk!~edk@spy/edk0
70s00p<s00p> _harry_: Pick up a book. is teaching you wrong. You might also wish to cease learning English from the internet. 2010/05/12 Wed 19:36:13 pragma_
18sacho<sacho> how can you use fgets to read from a string? 2009/12/10 Thu 16:43:49 pragma_
384schleppel<schleppel> eat shit. billions of flies can't be wrong! 2014/05/15 Thu 21:28:46 nitrix!~nib@unaffiliated/nitrix
443Seabasschan<Seabasschan> I'm a huge wanker, and CaZe is really smart. 2014/10/28 Tue 07:31:47 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
498Sebastian<Sebastian> Want relieving? Try pooping thumb-tacks. 2015/07/12 Sun 06:13:02 marchelzo_!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo/x-2669545
346seriously_random, Binary_Digit<seriously_random> it's from a book "absolute beginner's guide to c" <Binary_Digit> I think absolute beginners probably shouldn't publish books on C. 2014/03/18 Tue 04:24:44 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
161sha0* sha0 likes Mr. Noodles, anyway. 2012/04/25 Wed 17:58:44 pragma-
304sha0, fisted<sha0> fisted: Yeahbut what does the GNU stand for inside "GNU's not UNIX"? <fisted> sha0: dunno, perhaps "Great Nonsensical Undertaking" 2013/11/30 Sat 19:54:56 sha0!
252sha0, pragma-<sha0> Will you please put that in the right place? <pragma-> That's what she said. 2013/10/03 Thu 21:46:53 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
284sha0<sha0> You probably can't guess what's coming. <sha0> Get it out, quickly. 2013/10/26 Sat 23:29:27 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
313sha0, Zhivago<sha0> Constipation is good. <Zhivago> Yes. 2013/12/29 Sun 21:07:39 sha0!
1204shadowchaser<shadowchaser> yep, but in the original one they were feeding robocop with some kind of baby food, i believe dorp has the same diet;) 2018/06/21 Thu 05:17:40 othias!504e056a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
460sharpneli<sharpneli> One is a pointer and one is dereferenced 2014/12/24 Wed 03:04:48 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
164she<she> That's what. 2012/05/04 Fri 23:47:13 pragma-
308sheilong<sheilong> CaZe: you assing it as Char 2013/12/16 Mon 21:54:38 CaZe!~caze@2607:f2f8:a678::2
480sheilong<sheilong> kate: Your eulogy means a lot to me me, thanks again. 2015/04/24 Fri 21:18:20 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
503Sheilong<Sheilong> Most of programmers have a bad mod in motly part of the time 2015/07/16 Thu 20:10:17 marchelzo_!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo/x-2669545
516sheilong<sheilong> I'm dumb. 2015/08/20 Thu 20:27:38 marchelzo!
535sheilong<sheilong> I just figured now my mistake. I was passing the value of the address that was assigned to the pointer, not the address of the pointer itself 2015/10/05 Mon 14:40:37 Wulf!~Wulf@unaffiliated/wulf
627Sheilong<Sheilong> however, fstd should've asked what is the type of the element of the literal instead 2016/11/19 Sat 12:44:22 enso!
1094sicelo<sicelo> i'm learning c on my own .. very slowly, unfortunately. would the following analogy be nearly correct? structs are like tiny sql databases? (of course not completely) 2018/03/14 Wed 03:40:06 jp!
103sig^<sig^> I sometimes write comments in Lisp 2010/11/26 Fri 07:28:22 n00p
138silv3r_m00n<silv3r_m00n> strcat is throwing exceptions 2011/12/13 Tue 23:31:51 pragma_
825sj0rz<sj0rz> when all you have is solutions, everything looks like a problem 2017/08/10 Thu 10:32:06 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
747sjohnson<sjohnson> the one where you put a cassette tape in its ass. 2017/03/15 Wed 10:29:45 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
868sjohnson, pragma-<sjohnson> pragma- is a good guy. <pragma-> sjohnson says that about everybody. pay no attention. 2017/09/04 Mon 14:36:14 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
111sjs205<sjs205> I think i'm going to use a massive scanf with nested scanf's to sort it... should be fine cuse it is all fixed data! 2011/01/25 Tue 18:44:41 pragma_
4snhmib<snhmib> now all you gotta do is code up a funny evaluator so only the funny quotes get saved 2009/12/09 Wed 16:47:52 pragma_
374Snowleaksange<Snowleaksange> complying with standard way more trouble than worth 2014/05/04 Sun 13:17:26 kate`!~kate@unaffiliated/kate/x-0000001
376Snowleaksange<Snowleaksange> my advice is to ignore kate 2014/05/04 Sun 13:37:19 kate`!~kate@unaffiliated/kate/x-0000001
563Solarlux27<Solarlux27> mY BRAIN IS EPLOIDING ABOUT ALL TERMINOLOGY 2016/03/29 Tue 06:54:43 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
899soryy708<soryy708> atk: Endianness is what prevents me from writing unit tests 2017/10/23 Mon 12:12:30 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
573spaceone<spaceone> well, undefined behavior is okay in my case :) 2016/05/30 Mon 16:49:13 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
633speeder, mfukar<speeder> I remember when I was a kid seeing advices that people should default to double because C on x86 converts everythign to double anyway (when you are using float for example) <mfukar> speeder since you're not a kid now you can read the C standard and find out how C works 2016/12/12 Mon 11:58:49 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
27spv<spv> /msg candide how're you doing sexy 2009/12/11 Fri 23:15:24 pragma_
209ss23<ss23> A programmer saw a problem and decided to solve it he would use threads. two has. Now he problems 2013/02/07 Thu 03:42:32 pragma-
921steeling<steeling> glacial: undefined behaviour is the spice of life 2017/11/05 Sun 08:08:07 glacial!~glacial@unaffiliated/glacial
248stormhawk<stormhawk> Wow, beaky recommends it, that's enough to kill sales for a few years. 2013/09/20 Fri 03:58:44 beaky
908Stragus<Stragus> Pointers decay to segfaults, I like the sound of that 2017/10/29 Sun 00:47:12 karthyk!~karthyk@2620:1e8:2:1::2f9
302Subsentient<Subsentient> Zhivago: That it neither works as expected or just behaves like you would expect, with a never-updating variable. 2013/11/28 Thu 03:12:07 CaZe!~caze@
255suit_of_sables, pragma-<suit_of_sables> Hmm I guess I have little choice. My only other option would be to factor out the inner loop and make it into a function call. But I think I'd have to pass a butt-load of variables to it to make it work as it does right now <pragma-> Do you typically put a lot of things in your butt? 2013/10/04 Fri 22:41:54 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
320take`<take`> just omit the potato 2014/01/21 Tue 14:15:09 take`!~kate@unaffiliated/kate/x-0000001
626takitus, fstd<takitus> The Bourne shell and Perl are on nearly equal levels of suck. <fstd> only outsucked by your mum 2016/11/19 Sat 12:05:21 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
387talin<talin> here in this ghost town, there are a lot more eggs than human beings 2014/05/20 Tue 00:20:30 kate`!~kate@unaffiliated/kate/x-0000001
594tau<tau> sjohnson join #vy and i'll show you the most impressive plugin ever written for an irc bot. <tau> i'm sure you would like it. 2016/07/28 Thu 16:01:33 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
123taylanub<taylanub> i don't have any real lisp experience but what i hear is enough 2011/03/28 Mon 12:54:47 CaZe
339Teckla<Teckla> And the LORD said, "Four spaces shall it be; neither more, nor less. Thine indentation shall not be tabs, as they are an abomination." 2014/03/04 Tue 08:18:20 aemquo!~UN@unaffiliated/aemquo
677teegee, pragma-<teegee> I'm going to do that when it's working <pragma-> While things are working is the best time to do things. For instance, while your dad is working I like to do your mom. 2017/01/26 Thu 17:16:10 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
335Tekk_<Tekk_> actually outside of windows window manager doesn't affect me too much <Tekk_> since I use emacs for most window management 2014/03/02 Sun 22:16:26 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
311Temper<Temper> ltbarcly, so we have to be competent to program c now? 2013/12/21 Sat 20:53:56 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
917tesla_<tesla_> pragma-, karthyk asks if he can be unbanned 2017/11/04 Sat 08:57:30 karthy!~karthy@
496TheFounder<TheFounder> a lot of windows apps use C++ though, so it must good. 2015/06/30 Tue 08:19:41 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
126thegoodcushion<thegoodcushion> Wulf: Putting together test cases means setting up a wiki 2011/04/12 Tue 04:08:57 CaZe
146thepro4ever<thepro4ever> man i'm an idiot 2012/02/29 Wed 16:12:37 pragma_
147thepro4ever<thepro4ever> pragma_: you're an ass 2012/02/29 Wed 16:12:57 pragma_
683tic_chaos<tic_chaos> caze, i used restrict because it is the only pointer pointing to that malloced memory location 2017/01/28 Sat 18:58:35 caze!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
134tigerpaw<tigerpaw> dude shut the fuck up. i'm learning something new here 2011/07/13 Wed 15:09:19 CaZe
705tires<tires> I was thinking I could add a thing in my tictactoe game so each player enters their name and I could use the first element of both array names as the tictactoe "pieces" 2017/02/11 Sat 08:44:06 tirez!
281tj1<tj1> Where I can find list of all standart already written library C functions in linux. This will avoid me from writing my own bicycles. Is what I need? 2013/10/25 Fri 23:06:13 sha0!
144tnurgsid<tnurgsid> Zhivago: Did you actually call me retarded? That's not your style. 2012/02/09 Thu 23:59:16 fisted_
323tommy^m, Zhivago<tommy^m> i want to make sure the user inputs at least a 13 numbers, how can i do that? <Zhivago> tommy: Hire a mexican circus midget to hit him until he does. 2014/02/05 Wed 02:08:06 cousteau!~cousteau@
188tordek<tordek> rcae cnodtiions rlu!e 2012/08/13 Mon 14:13:34 pragma-
68tp76<tp76> See, candide is the result of a brain damaged by too much Perl. 2010/04/20 Tue 14:52:48 pragma_
89twkm<twkm> most people are too stupid to use embedded systems anyway. 2010/10/22 Fri 15:23:05 juanmabc
122twkm<twkm> have tons of fun, use utf-7. 2011/03/25 Fri 09:36:01 n00p
336twkm<twkm> you have limited exposure to life. 2014/03/03 Mon 00:57:28 dozn!
343twkm<twkm> all programming is complete. report to the conversion stations, so you can be made useful again by having you mass added to the protein bank. 2014/03/14 Fri 20:37:33 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
422twkm<twkm> MethylatorX: hating c++ isn't topical here. it'd be topical in ##c++. 2015/09/08 Tue 13:25:51 o11c!~ben@unaffiliated/o11c
431twkm<twkm> some people want an oracle where the sign on the door says chat. 2014/09/16 Tue 23:57:44 dozn!
438twkm<twkm> alas we're approaching the same number of words as k&r used for all of chapter 1, without any examples or exercises. 2014/10/10 Fri 18:50:27 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
459twkm<twkm> then stop worrying. the clang morons aren't any stupider than the gcc fools. 2014/12/22 Mon 06:42:37 jack_rabbit!
733twkm<twkm> but widely portable isn't always a design goal. 2017/03/08 Wed 05:18:59 naptime!
629twkm, L0aD1nG<twkm> L0aD1nG: where does ptr point? <L0aD1nG> nowhere <L0aD1nG> I just want to assign a value to it <twkm> assign a value to nowhere? not possible. 2016/11/27 Sun 08:37:29 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
110tzanger<tzanger> as soon as you see her ass and tits though the direction seems to be only one way 2011/01/24 Mon 13:18:43 pragma_
120tzanger<tzanger> it's innocent enough to start up a few, but then you find yourself a few days later with dozens of them and all kinds of locking and exclusivity code wrapping odd parts of the software, an overflowing ashtray and empty bottles of alcohol scattered around the floor 2011/03/16 Wed 18:41:33 rizlah
1043u111<u111> jp, `int * foo` is stupid expression, which forces compiler to evaluate mutiplication of basic type int by some declared foo. LOL!!! 2018/01/31 Wed 00:36:59 jp!
590Veltas<Veltas> I say C90 because ISO much prefer it <Veltas> (get it?) 2016/07/25 Mon 08:03:57 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
712Verity* Verity is totally confused and just trying random combinations of * ** and & 2017/02/21 Tue 20:30:37 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
670Veruso, pragma-<Veruso> pragma-, welcome to the botnet <pragma-> we prefer "cloud" 2017/01/24 Tue 13:23:35 phox!
391Vivekananda<Vivekananda> kanetkar is suposed to be the go to book for a lot of people in India 2014/06/13 Fri 19:55:35 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
13wcarss<wcarss> "What do trumpets and pirates have in common? They're both terrible on the high C's" 2009/12/10 Thu 02:07:18 pragma_
452weasel_popper<weasel_popper> If he's compiling for x64, I think using the %d formatter on an int would cause a buffer overflow 2014/12/06 Sat 01:10:47 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
453weasel_popper<weasel_popper> If he's compiling for x64, I think using the %d formatter on an int would cause a buffer overflow 2014/12/06 Sat 02:08:35 peur!~peur@unaffiliated/peur
1140whatsupdoc, kate<whatsupdoc> I wish I had time for books :/ <kate> too busy learning things by guesswork? <whatsupdoc> Someone plz just tell me 2018/04/14 Sat 19:36:09 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
504whizz<whizz> or a depth fist search 2015/07/21 Tue 05:07:39 marchelzo_!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo/x-2669545
278winsoff<winsoff> nitrix: I have minimal knowledge of python, perl, PHP, and a bit more experience in java <winsoff> is a class like a function? 2013/10/24 Thu 23:17:13 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
114Wulf<Wulf> ,cc #define foo pri \n #define bar ntf \n #define cat(x,y) x ## y \n #define f(x,y) cat(x,y) \n f(foo,bar)("Hello, World!"); 2011/02/09 Wed 14:31:41 pragma_
14Wulf_<Wulf_> Why do all Pascal programmers ask to live in Atlantis? Because it is below C level. 2009/12/10 Thu 02:13:35 pragma_
644Xanather<Xanather> I cant code without google at all 2017/01/06 Fri 08:16:02 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
175Xgc<Xgc> hays: Undefined behavior can be very confusing. It can sometimes feel like the position your cat is sleeping can change the behavior of your C program. 2012/08/02 Thu 19:30:42 pragma-
636Xgc, marchelzo<Xgc> aerbex: A common roadblock to development progress is the "everything I write is perfect" syndrome. We all tend to read our own code as we intended it to function, not as it actually does behave. You need to be honest and critical when reviewing your code. We all struggle with this. <marchelzo> except me 2016/12/21 Wed 09:09:53 mvm!
580xormor<xormor> he thinks the program should return 2.5 instead of zero. that means double main() is the syntax. 2016/06/17 Fri 07:06:56 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
540xupicor<xupicor> internet loves you back. even if you don't know about it... 2015/10/12 Mon 12:57:27 doppel!
541xupicor<xupicor> is Java just bad C? 2015/10/21 Wed 23:45:24 Sebastian!uid71324@gateway/web/
166yasar<yasar> How would you profile a C program? 2012/04/26 Thu 11:16:51 CaZe
645yumbox<yumbox> are sigsegvs an acceptable way of closing when the user does something wrong? 2017/01/08 Sun 09:17:03 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
648yumbox<yumbox> removing the `const` from `const char *bla` doesn't give any compiler warnings, so i guess it's fine. 2017/01/10 Tue 12:06:38 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
492Zack263<Zack263> 128 and 64 would take u over 127 2015/06/03 Wed 10:27:51 CaZe!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
397zacts-<zacts-> I like this paraphrase from the Practice of Programming 'a poor programmer can't program in even the most elegant language, while an expert programmer can program great programs in any language." 2014/06/20 Fri 22:13:47 fluter!~fluter@fedora/fluter
609Zander<Zander> good i dont want a picky faggot as my boss anyway 2016/09/07 Wed 02:30:29 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
61zap0<zap0> i use PHP for scripting all the time, non-web stuff. 2010/03/27 Sat 02:28:41 pragma_
263zeldak, pragma-<zeldak> Hi, I have difficulty to read another person code, is this normal? What could I do to minimize it? <pragma-> have you tried a magnifying glass? 2013/10/12 Sat 07:10:46 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
7Zhivago<Zhivago> ende: Now shut up and stop whining like a schoolgirl and start to think. 2009/12/09 Wed 19:16:35 pragma_
8Zhivago<Zhivago> ende: You are acting like a moron. If no-one tells you this, why would you stop? 2009/12/09 Wed 19:16:23 pragma_
9Zhivago<Zhivago> ulq: Do you suffer from mental retardation? 2009/12/09 Wed 19:46:24 pragma_
42Zhivago* Zhivago waits for the moment of illumination. 2009/12/13 Sun 23:26:53 ColonelJ
48Zhivago<Zhivago> Produce a goddamned test program that demonstrates your problem so that we can stop listening to your confused gibberish and explain what enormously stupid thing you are doing. 2009/12/23 Wed 22:53:22 pragma_
66Zhivago<Zhivago> I don't know why people insist on saying binary when they really probably mean 'base 2 to the 32nd'. 2010/04/14 Wed 10:35:10 pragma_
76Zhivago<Zhivago> johnny: I seem to recally you whining about how it was too big and hard. 2010/06/29 Tue 06:02:15 pragma_
78Zhivago<Zhivago> An distinctly inferior dictionary. 2010/08/17 Tue 09:48:59 n00p
79Zhivago<Zhivago> boris: You could try putting it in the other end. 2010/08/17 Tue 10:16:11 boris``
81Zhivago<Zhivago> Hmm. This mmorpg is very good. My trans-kobold robot monk is almost at level two. 2010/08/18 Wed 23:20:23 pragma_
90Zhivago<Zhivago> Reading is hard, let's go shopping. 2010/10/27 Wed 04:37:48 n00p
92Zhivago<Zhivago> kniu: You need to ask intelligent questions. 2010/10/28 Thu 07:15:58 s00p
93Zhivago<Zhivago> noktoborus: Probably because your parents dropped you on your head as a child. 2010/10/28 Thu 07:16:58 s00p
94Zhivago<Zhivago> Do you often fuck Christs sake? 2010/10/30 Sat 00:16:22 s00p
95Zhivago<Zhivago> His speling has evidently improved since. 2010/10/31 Sun 21:55:21 pragma_
97Zhivago<Zhivago> Is this one of those days where the schools close and let the special children use the internet in the US? 2010/11/01 Mon 02:38:58 n00p
105Zhivago<Zhivago> It's like trying to measure a human hair by using an angry bear. 2010/12/09 Thu 22:17:18 n00p
109Zhivago<Zhivago> It's not surprising that ##c++ are too retarded to help you. 2011/01/23 Sun 19:51:21 pragma_
119Zhivago<Zhivago> nubnub: All that big O can tell you is how _one particular algorithm_ scales _with respect to itself_. 2011/03/13 Sun 22:50:55 n00p
131Zhivago<Zhivago> I wish you wouldn't fantasize about my asshole. 2011/05/18 Wed 22:20:27 boris``
141Zhivago<Zhivago> Pantaloons: In any case, you're being a useless retard and you should be aware of this. 2012/01/30 Mon 07:05:40 GeorgeJ
142Zhivago<Zhivago> How many retarded things do you have to say each day in order to retain your retard license? 2012/01/30 Mon 07:11:39 GeorgeJ
154Zhivago<Zhivago> I do not understand. 2012/03/15 Thu 23:33:31 pragma_
155Zhivago<Zhivago> dsturbnull: Then any retard can write a retard app without retarding up the rest of your system. 2012/03/21 Wed 22:05:03 boris``
156Zhivago<Zhivago> cs: Please sit quietly in the corner. 2012/03/27 Tue 19:01:02 sha0
171Zhivago<Zhivago> Enthusiastically stupid things make good puppydog but bad programmers. 2012/08/01 Wed 01:13:14 CaZe
172Zhivago<Zhivago> Ah, never mind -- I'm not very clever today. 2012/08/01 Wed 02:37:59 pragma-
174Zhivago<Zhivago> Sarajevo: Then you will be please to learn that you are a passive homosexual. 2012/08/02 Thu 03:22:11 pragma-
176Zhivago<Zhivago> hays: Hmm. You might want to visit your doctor and have him check you for mental retardation. 2012/08/02 Thu 19:31:53 pragma-
177Zhivago<Zhivago> hays: Re-read what I said, and try to think of a response that isn't complete gibberish. 2012/08/02 Thu 19:32:49 pragma-
178Zhivago<Zhivago> "I know, I'll convert my string from utf-16 to utf-32 when users want to select a character and copy it to the clibport, because that will be less trouble!" 2012/08/02 Thu 20:27:07 pragma-
182Zhivago<Zhivago> Do you have a C book, or are you just banging on the keyboard like a monkey? 2012/08/03 Fri 01:26:58 pragma-
184Zhivago<Zhivago> bcsllc: If you have trouble with the arithmetic, you might ask a small child to help you. 2012/08/03 Fri 19:43:00 pragma-
189Zhivago<Zhivago> Euthy: Most of the ideas that I have are bad ones, so finding external confirmation is very useful. 2012/09/08 Sat 06:42:21 pragma-
200Zhivago<Zhivago> Anyone who doesn't know what data representation they want should be aborted. 2013/01/24 Thu 00:50:10 pragma-
201Zhivago<Zhivago> "You are a cad! Unfit to lick even the sole of my sand nigger boots." 2013/01/31 Thu 05:38:27 engla
204Zhivago<Zhivago> Richard: Then, well done. 2013/02/01 Fri 03:28:40 aero1
206Zhivago<Zhivago> If you're reading a byte, then you don't bloody well need to store a float, do you? 2013/02/04 Mon 03:21:16 aero1
210Zhivago<Zhivago> As far as C in unix is concerned, eclipse is like tap-dancing while riding a unicycle. 2013/02/14 Thu 06:09:10 Vigud
212Zhivago<Zhivago> I maintain that fish are happier than lobsters. 2013/02/25 Mon 03:39:08 Vigud
231Zhivago<Zhivago> You can implement a stack using three eggs and a length of string. 2013/07/18 Thu 01:34:38 CaZe
232Zhivago<Zhivago> kanupatar: Are actual Indians called names like Baraguruswamy? 2013/07/22 Mon 23:11:24 Ebony
233Zhivago<Zhivago> Well, it would be like meeting a Chinese person called Ping pong ching chong. 2013/07/22 Mon 23:14:09 pragma-
244Zhivago<Zhivago> Tis an ill cant that uses ur like so. 2013/09/12 Thu 17:42:21 nitrix
266Zhivago<Zhivago> nitrix: On the other hand, you could have spent the last 10 hours being staked out on top of a fire ant nest with electrodes attached to your nipples. 2013/10/17 Thu 22:16:17 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
292Zhivago<Zhivago> Don't be upset at being accurately described -- if you don't like the description, change how you do things. 2013/11/09 Sat 21:57:26 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
293Zhivago<Zhivago> You need to apply an honest critical evaluation to what you want to master. 2013/11/09 Sat 22:46:38 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
296Zhivago<Zhivago> Anyhow, I respect that lilo died before he could embezzle the funds. 2013/11/12 Tue 20:15:22 edk!edk@unaffiliated/edk
354Zhivago<Zhivago> It's a kind of brain damage. 2014/03/30 Sun 21:23:33 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
366Zhivago<Zhivago> It's like training a dog, only less adorable. 2014/04/16 Wed 19:46:04 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
379Zhivago<Zhivago> Dump the children in the wilderness and see who can use trigonometry to return to civilization. 2014/05/08 Thu 20:59:24 nitrix!~nib@unaffiliated/nitrix
386Zhivago<Zhivago> radditz: Is it immoral to rape an unconscious goat if you do not cause harm in the process? 2014/05/19 Mon 06:59:56 EntropyArchive!
394Zhivago<Zhivago> cfoch: Back in the dark ages lines were more expensive because they had to be hand carved on lead tablets with awls. 2014/06/18 Wed 07:37:36 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
396Zhivago<Zhivago> Just a matter of cooling things down before you reach a critical pubescent hormone level and fuse together into an obscene mass. 2014/06/18 Wed 20:56:04 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
427Zhivago<Zhivago> Cotillion: Get a book on training dogs, and then apply the techniques to yourself. 2014/09/02 Tue 05:56:36 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
428Zhivago<Zhivago> Sounds like you're both idiots. Get a room, but avoid breeding together. 2014/09/03 Wed 20:57:58 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
444Zhivago<Zhivago> Another memeber of the subliterati strikes. 2014/11/09 Sun 18:14:35 edk!edk@unaffiliated/edk
502Zhivago<Zhivago> lens: Are you are native speaker of English? 2015/07/16 Thu 19:56:34 Ox0dea!
521Zhivago<Zhivago> I can just envision Poison[BLX] as a big black cock exalting the dawn. 2015/08/26 Wed 18:17:40 profess!~profess@unaffiliated/csddesk
524Zhivago<Zhivago> I suggest ignoring the two retards in the corner -- this is part of their mating ritual. 2014/08/17 Sun 21:23:16 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
548Zhivago<Zhivago> seanrdev: I recommend a different career. Have you considered plumbing? 2015/12/15 Tue 06:34:48 Sebastian!~Pakistan@unaffiliated/seabasschan
578Zhivago<Zhivago> lotus: y4s, jmp thx you 2 fangle wodgin. 2016/06/15 Wed 01:50:12 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
597Zhivago<Zhivago> Theads don't scale. :) 2016/08/01 Mon 18:09:09 doppel!
751Zhivago<Zhivago> ohnx: Or better, configure a firewall to drop them before they get to the server -- since 100% packet loss is acceptable. 2017/03/22 Wed 20:20:13 fluter_!~fluter@fedora/fluter
763Zhivago<Zhivago> I know that you want to do things in a completely retarded fashion -- just think about it a bit more. 2017/04/19 Wed 22:09:37 fluter_!~fluter@fedora/fluter
894Zhivago<Zhivago> shadowchaser: Although I do accept that you are probably intimiately familiar with pragma's penis, and your intution may be clouding your judgment here. 2017/10/17 Tue 00:35:45 alyptik!
952Zhivago<Zhivago> reslus: Just remember that when you write like a gibbering moron, you're just becoming a better gibbering moron. 2017/11/30 Thu 23:04:41 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
986Zhivago<Zhivago> I'm waiting for the Perl 7 book, which will presumably feature a dinosaur humping a school bus. 2018/01/04 Thu 20:26:47 jp!
1163Zhivago<Zhivago> dave0: Unfortunately I am not available for homosexual dating practices. 2018/05/15 Tue 23:46:10 jp!
500Zhivago, lens<Zhivago> lens: See -- it's a nice thing. <lens> you're a shit 2015/07/16 Thu 19:29:07 marchelzo_!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo/x-2669545
574Zhivago, pragma-* Zhivago imagines pragma pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen. <pragma-> Zhivago: you should probably keep your fantasies more private 2016/06/01 Wed 22:40:12 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
288Zhivago, zeno`, pragma-<Zhivago> Green Kangaroos? <zeno`> Kangaroo should not be capitalised. <pragma-> Free the kangaroos from the tyranny of capitalism! 2013/11/03 Sun 03:38:35 edk!edk@unaffiliated/edk
290Zhivago<Zhivago> I'm looking forward to when you can train machines by hitting them with a stick. <Zhivago> Toast too brown -- whack, whack! 2013/11/05 Tue 21:32:46 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
754Zhivago<Zhivago> One of the main attractions of C is that it is easy to write a shitty implementation. This is why C is widely available. <Zhivago> Anything that makes it significantly harder to write a shitty C implementation is then a problem. 2017/04/11 Tue 09:50:28 dho!
958Zhivago<Zhivago> kate: The implication being that without that container it would become uncontained, rather than remaining contained -- the containership being a property of the container, rather than the contained substance. <Zhivago> kate: For example, a tupperware container containing water contained in a plastic bag as opposed to water uncontained in a plastic bag. 2017/12/06 Wed 06:49:52 othias!504e056f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
289Zhivago, Chris<Zhivago> I always write the code before any tests, myself. <Zhivago> Then I use tests to prevent regression and also to explore corner cases for non-trivial things. <Chris> I write the binaries with a hex editor then I write the appropriate code to match it when compiled. 2013/11/04 Mon 21:37:17 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
800zid<zid> dorp: Same, gcc added a new warning I previously wasn't even aware it wasn't right :P <zid> it doesn't give a [-Wblah] either so I can't go -Wno-blah 2017/07/01 Sat 15:46:12 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
124zid`<zid`> I wasn't aware socrates was an asshole. 2011/04/08 Fri 14:41:09 n00p
241zid`<zid`> Did kate died? 2013/08/31 Sat 18:29:00 zid`
312zid`<zid`> Penis in mouth, please leave 2013/12/23 Mon 11:57:07 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
330zid`<zid`> I licked my cable once, it hurt 2014/02/12 Wed 13:04:18 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
349zid`<zid`> You could add a fisting value to your dating profile 2014/03/18 Tue 19:35:25 frog_sha0!
356zid`<zid`> I am noisy and obnoxious, can I get a shoutout too? :( 2014/03/31 Mon 06:53:51 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
360zid`<zid`> Chris: You're a float, I'm a pointer to char, it could never work! 2014/04/04 Fri 18:13:34 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix
447zid`<zid`> Too busy listening to his mp3 player saying "breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out" to focus on irc 2014/11/24 Mon 20:09:20 marchelzo_!
472zid`<zid`> and 0 valid java programs are valid 0 programs 2015/02/20 Fri 17:55:24 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
364zid`, pragma-<zid`> 1 or 2 is not three <pragma-> are you going to start singing sesame street for us now? 2014/04/10 Thu 04:28:06 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
334zyxwvuts<zyxwvuts> luckily for me, candide has never grabbed any of my quotes 2014/03/02 Sun 00:01:21 scrapcode!~scrapcode@
306{[^-^]}, Zhivago<{[^-^]}> are there general purpose libraries for C to make you a bit more productive like in C++? <Zhivago> Stupid-face: Maybe. 2013/12/10 Tue 08:14:42 nitrix!~nitrix@unaffiliated/nitrix


id     author(s) quote date grabbed by
848alyptik<alyptik> why is being racist so complicated 2017/08/29 Tue 19:32:33 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
859alyptik<alyptik> possibly butt overflow then 2017/09/03 Sun 03:34:23 mthowe-!uid249081@gateway/web/
860alyptik<alyptik> the butt can live in the heap 2017/09/03 Sun 03:34:45 mthowe-!uid249081@gateway/web/
1231amgarp<amgarp> why am I so retarded? 2019/04/09 Tue 09:04:42 atk!~Arch-TK@ircpuzzles/staff/Arch-TK
690atk<atk> I don't care if my porn is all white or all black or interracial 2017/02/03 Fri 16:14:43 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
692atk<atk> But that's not because I'm a racist 2017/02/03 Fri 16:15:22 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
740atk<atk> but I can tell you that my technique involved moving my mouse off the edge of my desk quickly. 2017/03/12 Sun 15:02:12 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
757atk<atk> jusy poyut wash! 2017/04/13 Thu 12:48:08 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
758atk<atk> so we can deportr the mexicans iliving inside you 2017/04/13 Thu 12:58:56 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
762atk<atk> the rest of the code stays MIT or whatever licensed, the whole project simply has to be distributed as GPL 2017/04/19 Wed 11:42:15 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
764atk<atk> dho: In Poland you need a bike license to ride on the roads. 2017/04/20 Thu 11:21:39 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
768atk<atk> make sure you're running genuine linux and not that cheap chinese BSD 2017/04/30 Sun 13:35:24 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
770atk<atk> dho: Of course I'm a cunt, but there's no reason to scream and shout it 2017/05/06 Sat 10:20:24 dho!
772atk<atk> You've fucked me in the ass more than enough times for me to be entirely aware of the feeling 2017/05/11 Thu 12:57:06 krok_!
780atk<atk> the foreplay comes afterwards 2017/05/25 Thu 15:14:17 jonbryan!~jgbryan@unaffiliated/jonbryan
794atk<atk> no, psychological problems are less scary than a misplaced anus 2017/06/18 Sun 10:15:51 lambda443!~propergan@
808atk<atk> whoisxy: the plan 9 guys have reportedly even studies the usefulness of good mouse control. 2017/07/30 Sun 13:24:09 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
817atk<atk> qwename: I wrote mouse firmware and put it on my keyboard. 2017/08/03 Thu 15:27:07 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
883atk<atk> bunch of fucking second grade weebs 2017/10/01 Sun 11:53:40 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
886atk<atk> these are two pretty big fucking apples 2017/10/09 Mon 12:21:51 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
996atk<atk> jp: I wrote 95% of my keyboard firmware blind 2018/01/12 Fri 12:09:13 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1007atk<atk> :) 2018/01/14 Sun 10:05:50 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1012atk<atk> jp: why don't you write your entire program as a shell script inside a makefile? 2018/01/16 Tue 12:44:09 jp!
1102atk<atk> did the therapist touch you anywhere? 2018/03/18 Sun 10:24:43 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1116atk<atk> oh my fucking god... my fat lesbian neighbours are trying to sing like opera singers 2018/03/25 Sun 11:44:47 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1129atk<atk> why would you watch netflix? 2018/04/07 Sat 02:04:54 sjohnson!
1130atk<atk> ktkhkaktk kwkaksk kskok kfkukckkkiknkgk kpkakiknkfkuklk ktkok kwkrkiktkek kmkaknkukaklklky 2018/04/07 Sat 11:15:14 mnrmnaugh!~mnrmnaugh@unaffiliated/mnrmnaugh
1143atk<atk> it's difficult to OD on D 2018/04/21 Sat 09:35:15 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1177atk<atk> sjohnson: you should derive pleasure just from looking at women instead 2018/06/06 Wed 15:08:49 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1263atk<atk> int camelCase(void) { try { ... } catch (Exception& e) { sleep(1); return camelCase(); } } 2019/06/25 Tue 11:27:30 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
815atk<atk> maybe if you get the pig to prolapse, but then it would be wrapping your mouth around the rectum not the anus <atk> anyway, you can make quite good food from the small intestine and stomach of a pig 2017/08/02 Wed 12:49:23 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1035atk<atk> you shoot loads onto your nose? <atk> that's a bit gay tbh 2018/01/27 Sat 08:43:09 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
811atk, kg<atk> I will have my very own homosexual <kg> i wish i had my very own homosexual. 2017/07/31 Mon 14:33:34 atk!Arch-TK@ircpuzzles/staff/Arch-TK
691atk, pragma-<atk> if you don't care about race, does it matter if there's some all black or all white movie or whatnot <pragma-> sounds like you have gamma issues 2017/02/03 Fri 16:14:58 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
885atk, pragma-<atk> pragma-: Y IS A VOWEL IN PROPER LANGUAGES <pragma-> YOUR MOM'S VAGINA IS A VOWEL IN EVERY LANGUAGE 2017/10/03 Tue 13:11:51 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1101aToy<aToy> Can I send you pms? <aToy> I'll be cute 2018/03/17 Sat 12:00:43 sjohnson!
718badet0s<badet0s> I think. or so I think 2017/02/26 Sun 11:15:33 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1293christopher<christopher> i would say its more of a ning-ning-ning-n-n-ning-ning-ning-BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 2019/08/19 Mon 09:53:21 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
805Cobrax<Cobrax> How do i c++ 2017/07/20 Thu 14:44:38 sjohnson!
1209d^-^b<d^-^b> I got pizza too <d^-^b> umm so fucking good\r 2018/06/23 Sat 13:56:58 sjohnson!
750dho<dho> Something short like, "Hi there, I'd like to be considered for your open position <x>, which I learned about through <y>. This position interests me because <thing I like about the position>, and I particularly value <specific thing I like about the company>. I believe my skills at <x, y, and z> will help <company> in achieving your goals of <primary mission of company>. Please find my resume attached. Ki 2017/03/17 Fri 10:25:29 caze!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
833dho<dho> i'm gae storage sre 2017/08/23 Wed 20:28:37 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
834dho<dho> hey, not my fault you suck at javascript 2017/08/24 Thu 20:09:50 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
875dho<dho> i feel like mma / boxing / etc are this weird adult extension of "my dad can kick your dad's ass" 2017/09/21 Thu 11:52:10 sjohnson!
876dho<dho> i'll map/reduce you off the internet, son 2017/09/21 Thu 11:56:03 sjohnson!
1270dho<dho> you're wrong, but you're still wrong, and now even more wrong. 2019/07/10 Wed 14:02:49 nil!
1271dho<dho> your statement that it is easy to learn gender is wrong, because i did not find it easy. 2019/07/10 Wed 14:09:31 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
836dho, Chris<dho> i really don't like spoogler as a term <Chris> It's efficient shorthand <dho> i think it sounds like a load of semen 2017/08/24 Thu 20:20:38 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1005dorp<dorp> In that case, if I were racist, I would've called-off jp for being racist by labeling atk as a racist. But since I'm definitely not a racist, I would refrain from doing that, even so jp demonstrated clear racist characteristics 2018/01/14 Sun 01:52:35 jp!
1111e<e> i like meth 2018/03/24 Sat 14:43:58 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1113e<e> I'M AN ANGRY WHITE BOY 2018/03/24 Sat 15:00:48 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1183e<e> why do you even bother trying to communicate with humans 2018/06/09 Sat 14:04:41 mar77i!
1232e<e> i died of boredom while reading it, but i got sent back because the gatekeepers of the next world died of boredom hearing about how i died 2019/04/10 Wed 15:51:37 iamgarp!~amgarp@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1235e<e> it's like snacking on nuts that aren't quite salty enough 2019/04/13 Sat 15:01:48 iamgarp!~amgarp@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1049e<e> where the fuck <e> did the wangs come from 2018/02/03 Sat 13:23:32 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1184e<e> we were talking about å <e> you mongoloid 2018/06/09 Sat 14:05:01 cousteau!~cousteau@unaffiliated/cousteau
1229e<e> there is no perl science <e> only perl dark magic 2019/04/08 Mon 06:02:12 nai!
1125edge_hay<edge_hay> I love penises 2018/04/06 Fri 14:08:38 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
775fluter_<fluter_> caze: no, fuck no retard 2017/05/12 Fri 21:51:11 caze!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
1296Foaly<Foaly> i found that you find good pictures of butter when you search for "butter wallpaper" 2019/08/25 Sun 08:59:37 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1105forbidden, e<forbidden> hitler was a far leftist <e> as an actual scotsman, i lay claim to the fallacy you are currently employing 2018/03/18 Sun 16:23:04 jp!
1061g-<g-> my C book is a lot easier to read now that I got a new lamp. 2018/02/16 Fri 17:42:36 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1233iamgarp<iamgarp> i only read the last 3 sentences 2019/04/10 Wed 16:05:46 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
1237iamgarp<iamgarp> i bet hitler caused the genocide because somebody said "please calm down" to him 2019/04/20 Sat 13:46:35 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
1273izabera<izabera> I need dick 2019/07/14 Sun 13:11:56 sjohnson!
1297izabera<izabera> I had an idea but it was stupid 2019/08/25 Sun 19:54:51 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1261izabera, nil<izabera> i mean before starting hrt i thought i would have killed myself before reaching 30 <nil> lol 2019/06/20 Thu 10:49:20 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1253izabera, nil<izabera> You're probably closer to the average length than to a micro penis <nil> i mean i'm above it <nil> i'm not actually insecure 2019/05/29 Wed 05:11:41 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
785javaisnom-<javaisnom-> look at more dog dicks before talking shit 2017/06/03 Sat 12:44:29 kg!~kg@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
787javaisnom-<javaisnom-> here's her when I put it in 2017/06/03 Sat 14:59:32 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1260jenkins<jenkins> lolol watch I'll make a meme command to spam this and repeat it 5 times! xDxD 2019/06/20 Thu 07:50:01 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1006jp<jp> wtf i keep getting drunk and making new responsibilities for myself 2018/01/14 Sun 04:40:09 dorp!
1009jp<jp> i am like a sex offender 2018/01/14 Sun 14:11:31 e!e@enucs/spy.edk
1026jp<jp> "tries to wrestle k but gets a finger up the ass" 2018/01/23 Tue 13:32:58 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1079jp<jp> cat is dumbs 2018/03/03 Sat 00:46:37 sjohnson!
1085jp<jp> god i am too fat 2018/03/09 Fri 16:55:22 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1097jp<jp> one of my friends fapped so hard he broke his chair 2018/03/16 Fri 11:48:23 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1098jp<jp> that polish pornstar i had a crush on 2018/03/16 Fri 12:05:42 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1119jp<jp> rocks and cock may rock k's socks but words will never hurt him 2018/03/27 Tue 12:51:59 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1122jp<jp> crumble my ass 2018/03/30 Fri 22:13:30 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1141jp<jp> you people and your orifices 2018/04/19 Thu 15:58:22 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1164jp<jp> why jp, why are you like this 2018/05/19 Sat 17:16:06 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1046jp, e<jp> korans: trees are not sentient <e> right <e> that's just how humans is 2018/02/02 Fri 14:44:36 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1063jp<jp> my eyes tunnel visioned <jp> i saw goat 2018/02/17 Sat 01:56:54 jp!
1018jp<jp> rip <jp> i am <jp> string 2018/01/19 Fri 18:39:28 e!e@enucs/spy.edk
1121jp, pragma-<jp> pragma-: you really should get your butt fixed; it's a very important organ <pragma-> jp: that's a pain in the ass 2018/03/30 Fri 15:17:39 jp!
992k<k> when i talk about my iced coffee do i sound like sjohnson with his saran wrap sandwiches? 2018/01/09 Tue 19:52:09 sjohnson!
993k<k> i'd watch an sjohnson cooking show 2018/01/09 Tue 19:59:08 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
994k<k> RafiX: don't refer to me with homophobic slurs you cunt 2018/01/10 Wed 10:16:53 cousteau!~cousteau@unaffiliated/cousteau
997k<k> gay is harder than god 2018/01/12 Fri 12:23:21 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1010k<k> my conviction is limp and flaccid 2018/01/14 Sun 15:29:30 jp!
1050k<k> I WANGT THE D 2018/02/10 Sat 09:01:07 e!e@enucs/spy.edk
1091k<k> god jp you are like a little kitten that i just have to play with 2018/03/12 Mon 14:08:13 jp!
1112k<k> someone call nine wang wang 2018/03/24 Sat 14:55:43 jp!
1117k* k puts the cable in his ass 2018/03/25 Sun 12:28:40 jp!
1156k<k> I've got nothing against homosexuals. Let them be free to do their gay thing in peace, I say. But when they start sucking my cock, then I've got a real problem. 2018/05/05 Sat 18:00:38 jp!
1165k<k> pragma- is like a box of chocolates 2018/05/26 Sat 17:54:40 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1178k<k> but instead i threw boiling oil out of the second story on them to make them go away because they showed up while i was masturbating 2018/06/07 Thu 23:47:52 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1196k<k> well, it shows how stupid the average pedophile is 2018/06/10 Sun 19:35:10 sjohnson!
1198k<k> MY SHIT kEy IS NOT WORKINGF 2018/06/11 Mon 16:17:40 jp!
1255k<k> hey what's that penis doing there 2019/06/02 Sun 23:56:01 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1258k* k invents khess, a chess variant where the positions of all the pawns are randomized at the start of each game 2019/06/19 Wed 12:20:33 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1265k<k> it's so tiny and tight 2019/06/30 Sun 12:03:16 bungee!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1275k<k> feeling cute might see spiderman tomoz idk 2019/07/15 Mon 23:33:38 sjohnson!
1282k<k> it penised the wangs properly 2019/07/30 Tue 15:51:04 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1236k, iamgarp<k> i feel intellectually stimulated <iamgarp> k: because you're playing with your butt? 2019/04/18 Thu 22:24:09 iamgarp!~amgarp@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1192k<k> i saw a video of a cum omelette once <k> it was pretty disgusting 2018/06/10 Sun 13:38:32 sjohnson!
1276k<k> what if we somehow monetize the chinese social credit system <k> turn it into a stock market 2019/07/15 Mon 23:42:05 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1034k<k> YOU CAN'T HAVE SEX IN A CANOE <k> THEY'RE SMALL <k> THEY WOBBLE 2018/01/26 Fri 19:27:42 jp!
1157k<k> let me reiterate <k> their asses <k> are _very_ nice jp 2018/05/05 Sat 22:09:39 jp!
1278k, pragma-<k> but i didn't change anything <k> it just stopped working <pragma-> that is the life of a programmer 2019/07/26 Fri 20:09:45 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1040k, sjohnson<k> not that sriracha sauce is hot <sjohnson> one drop of that shit makes me want to cry if i mix it with Kraft Dinner 2018/01/29 Mon 17:45:21 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1106k, sjohnson<k> sjohnson: junior soprano orders murders like you and i order coffee <sjohnson> sounds violent 2018/03/20 Tue 14:01:45 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
708Karou<Karou> I have a problem <Karou> Heb 2017/02/16 Thu 15:34:08 phox!
1152kevin-oculus<kevin-oculus> my cat enjoys watching moslems singing on tv 2018/04/28 Sat 12:13:18 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1161kevin-oculus<kevin-oculus> no I think pragma did not liked girls bacon girls pussy was to much pork 2018/05/11 Fri 14:18:24 sjohnson!
788kg<kg> why do i even come here 2017/06/03 Sat 15:03:03 javaisnom-!~javaisnom@
782kg, pragma-<kg> humans are obsessed with em <kg> penises, i mean <pragma-> penises are obssessed with you? <kg> of course! 2017/05/28 Sun 17:36:58 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1066krizoek<krizoek> i've heard that there is lots of gays in developer communities 2018/02/18 Sun 12:42:35 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
774krok_<krok_> that's the second shitty grab i've done today! 2017/05/11 Thu 20:36:19 masochist!sid227365@gateway/web/
823lambda443<lambda443> c++ is awesome, it's like c on steroids! 2017/08/08 Tue 03:11:26 Jumpforce!~alarm@unaffiliated/jumpforce
877lambda443<lambda443> "The longest zucchini was 2.52 m (8 ft 3 in) long" * lambda443 shoves it up pragma-'s ass 2017/09/23 Sat 11:40:18 dho!
1150Learath2<Learath2> now that's some furious masturbation 2018/04/28 Sat 10:42:16 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
791mar77i<mar77i> what state are we actually living in if not prostate? denial? 2017/06/05 Mon 09:16:45 javaisnom!~javaisnom@
713marchelzo<marchelzo> tires that's how i want him to hold my head while i gag on his dick <marchelzo> he really changed my perspective on penis 2017/02/21 Tue 21:38:06 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
686marchelzo, pragma-<marchelzo> pragma-: wanna come over later? <pragma-> marchelzo: I'll come all over you later, sure 2017/02/01 Wed 13:42:28 atk!~Arch-TK@fsf/member/Arch-TK
777masochist, pragma-<masochist> "The acceptance of current society as covered in the lens of the feminist frame." < the fuck <pragma-> this is why i don't hold doors open any more 2017/05/14 Sun 21:54:48 krok_!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
1126meth<meth> I hacked them a few times before 2018/04/06 Fri 15:42:52 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1148meth<meth> I love the jews 2018/04/26 Thu 11:17:45 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1159meth<meth> the ips didn't responds so i used namp to search the 24 subnet and ping the live ones 2018/05/08 Tue 14:36:43 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1149meth<meth> I'm not racist at all <meth> germans don't accept/have humor 2018/04/26 Thu 15:59:25 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1222meth, pragma-<meth> no. I live in both africa and asia <pragma-> meth is so fat 2018/07/27 Fri 11:26:25 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1174mnrmnaugh<mnrmnaugh> prugmu 2018/05/31 Thu 13:42:21 sjohnson!
1158mort<mort> I have jerked off more than a few times to text 2018/05/07 Mon 14:16:50 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1131mr-robert, jp<mr-robert> whats wrong with banging your sister <jp> nothing if she isn't your kid sister 2018/04/08 Sun 11:57:47 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
858mthowe-<mthowe-> thank God i identify as an Apache helicopter 2017/09/03 Sun 00:34:30 alyptik!
865mthowe-<mthowe-> tea is for women and weeaboos 2017/09/04 Mon 08:16:58 mthowe-!uid249081@gateway/web/
1226nai<nai> IT'S NOT EVEN MAKING SENSE IN THE NOT MAKGIN SENSE 2018/07/29 Sun 14:03:22 jp!
1227nai<nai> i am cats 2018/07/31 Tue 11:30:12 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1228nai<nai> how do you save a quote 2019/04/08 Mon 06:00:58 atk!~Arch-TK@ircpuzzles/staff/Arch-TK
1239nai, iamgarp<nai> NWeoi WOGOE GQ EFYQ EOCQO CSIRPT <iamgarp> LOOK! IT'S A FRENCH WOOKIEE! 2019/05/03 Fri 14:30:09 iamgarp!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1240nai<nai> owo~~~~~~~ * nai UwU 2019/05/03 Fri 14:53:48 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted
743naptime<naptime> Oh, never mind. I somehow thought candide's mode change had to do with pragma-'s pooping. 2017/03/13 Mon 06:30:25 naptime!
1272NextHendrix<NextHendrix> i learned complex analysis 2019/07/10 Wed 15:21:16 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1286nh<nh> worcestershire = wuh-stuh-shuh 2019/08/03 Sat 13:18:27 Remavas!Remavas@gateway/shell/xshellz/x-Remavas
1309nh<nh> i like a nice big banana 2019/09/06 Fri 18:04:52 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1246nil* nil with his angry asshole 2019/05/13 Mon 11:33:23 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1247nil<nil> i could definitely smell his colon through the screen 2019/05/13 Mon 11:43:24 nil!
1267nil<nil> that is a spigot 2019/07/02 Tue 12:41:16 bungy!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1268nil<nil> 'tis a noun adverbly to be verb'd 2019/07/04 Thu 14:08:28 bungy!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1277nil<nil> izabera: ok you've insisted enough i'll consider it 2019/07/26 Fri 15:41:22 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
1284nil<nil> lol it replaced ass with penis so funny 2019/08/03 Sat 12:58:56 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1287nil<nil> for a channel with predominant penile occupation, i sure am seeing a lot of cunts 2019/08/04 Sun 14:46:25 Remavas!Remavas@gateway/shell/xshellz/x-Remavas
1288nil<nil> i don't say penis in first-degree ways 2019/08/04 Sun 16:10:50 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1290nil<nil> fuck my clients 2019/08/10 Sat 08:19:15 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1291nil<nil> my lamoison fulgurated; my buoyancy laminated. 2019/08/11 Sun 08:03:01 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1310nil<nil> came out! 2019/09/07 Sat 12:26:32 nh!NextHendri@unaffiliated/nexthendrix
1305nil, nii<nil> a decent language doesn't syntax errro <nii> Parse error 2019/09/02 Mon 10:01:57 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
1306nil, nii<nil> taylor: watch this carefully: <nii> Timed out 2019/09/04 Wed 09:09:38 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1295nil<nil> he's doing it <nil> i can feel it 2019/08/24 Sat 08:09:19 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1252nil, pragma-<nil> IMAGINE A NOSE EJACULATING <nil> IT'S A FUNNY VISUALISATION <pragma-> no it snot 2019/05/24 Fri 12:49:00 nil!
1269nil, pragma-<nil> izabera: When I step forward, everyone else steps backwards. <pragma-> nil: tahts because you're fat 2019/07/10 Wed 13:24:03 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1223nor<nor> i mean i always considered myself an above average gamer and this kid would blow the shit out of me 2018/07/27 Fri 20:51:26 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
704phox<phox> maybe run a tor relay through #perl or something. <phox> because fuck those monkeys and their incompetent language 2017/02/10 Fri 15:29:36 vktec!~vktec@torbaytechjam/samadivk
707phy1729<phy1729> "lets not say stupid shit" isn't that what this channel is for? 2017/02/15 Wed 18:45:40 sjohnson!
872praggy<praggy> Its hard to be friendly when I'm surrounded by idiots. 2017/09/06 Wed 14:08:19 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
694pragma-<pragma-> grab me hard 2017/02/04 Sat 12:48:25 sjohnson!
699pragma-<pragma-> You wash your penis? 2017/02/07 Tue 16:53:45 phox!
706pragma-<pragma-> you'd be surprised at how many people out there are masturbating inefficiently, or even just blatantly incorrectly. 2017/02/13 Mon 16:37:27 phy1729!~phy1729@zsh/wizard/phy1729
719pragma-<pragma-> jiggity bag doogity donk a donk. 2017/02/26 Sun 11:19:53 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
728pragma-<pragma-> stop sucking stallman's cock you faggot 2017/03/05 Sun 02:55:48 sjohnson!
730pragma-<pragma-> it's better to keep your mouth shit and bee thoguht a foool than to open it and remove all doubt 2017/03/05 Sun 16:16:04 krok_!
745pragma-<pragma-> byte these nuts 2017/03/13 Mon 14:13:10 krok_!
767pragma-<pragma-> i'm convince you're both fucking idiots 2017/04/27 Thu 14:44:46 krok_!
773pragma-<pragma-> DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS 2017/05/11 Thu 20:35:59 krok_!
778pragma-<pragma-> i like the long one better 2017/05/24 Wed 00:44:14 caze!~caze@unaffiliated/caze
786pragma-<pragma-> fuck that elephant 2017/06/03 Sat 14:31:04 javaisnom-!~javaisnom@
789pragma-<pragma-> i just pooped the messiest poop of my life right? i mean, this stuff was just squishy mushy splurty stuff. but when I went to wipe my ass... it was prestine. spotless. not a single blemish on the toilet paper when i inspected it. amazing! 2017/06/03 Sat 15:06:54 javaisnom-!~javaisnom@
790pragma-<pragma-> javaisnom-: so, i can't tell if you're a transgender autist or actually female or just really feminine 2017/06/03 Sat 17:14:38 javaisnom-!~javaisnom@
796pragma-<pragma-> nope, i'm retarded. 2017/06/20 Tue 19:45:57 fluter_!~fluter@fedora/fluter
802pragma-<pragma-> when i'm not doing anything with my hands i subconsciously hold my penis and cup my balls 2017/07/09 Sun 00:34:23 fluter_!~fluter@fedora/fluter
807pragma-<pragma-> i have the healthiest prostate on my block 2017/07/21 Fri 14:27:10 krok!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
812pragma-<pragma-> but i can feel the other half of that turd i pinched off still in my ass 2017/07/31 Mon 15:23:29 Tires_!40864289@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
826pragma-<pragma-> ;;jfjtf youa afj BOY 2017/08/10 Thu 15:07:39 sjohnson!
827pragma-<pragma-> i did replace it with a longer and thicker model 2017/08/10 Thu 17:20:45 dho!
828pragma-<pragma-> I'M A WARRIOR BITCH 2017/08/16 Wed 15:46:36 sjohnson!
830pragma-<pragma-> WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY CODE 2017/08/21 Mon 13:45:36 atk!Arch-TK@ircpuzzles/staff/Arch-TK
841pragma-<pragma-> SJOHNSON IS SUCH BULLSHIT 2017/08/26 Sat 15:08:03 sjohnson!
842pragma-<pragma-> are you going to use it to install putty instead of putty-tray so you can support trump? 2017/08/27 Sun 17:35:14 sjohnson!
844pragma-<pragma-> SJOHNSON PAID FOR WINRAR 2017/08/28 Mon 18:17:43 sjohnson!
845pragma-<pragma-> whats wrong with a good reaming? 2017/08/28 Mon 23:57:17 alyptik!
847pragma-<pragma-> i have to show the world 2017/08/29 Tue 03:59:27 qwename!~qwename@unaffiliated/qwename
849pragma-<pragma-> i thought he was showing me your thing 2017/08/31 Thu 01:40:36 alyptik!
850pragma-<pragma-> i am suck 2017/08/31 Thu 18:00:21 alyptik!
852pragma-<pragma-> i should have just learned python 2017/09/01 Fri 02:56:36 alyptik!
853pragma-<pragma-> and i consider myself very good at communicating and empathy 2017/09/01 Fri 16:06:00 dho!
855pragma-<pragma-> BUT SOMEBODY ON THE INTERNET IS BEING WRONG 2017/09/02 Sat 15:53:13 sjohnson!
863pragma-<pragma-> sjohnson: i masturbate at least twice a day 2017/09/03 Sun 17:33:35 alyptik!
878pragma-<pragma-> learn more vernaculars 2017/09/24 Sun 13:10:18 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
888pragma-<pragma-> dogs are retarded and cats are evil 2017/10/13 Fri 15:48:23 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
991pragma-<pragma-> sjohnson: i am a suck 2018/01/08 Mon 10:33:11 sjohnson!
998pragma-<pragma-> FUCK YOUR GOFDAMEND APPLE CRUMBLE 2018/01/12 Fri 12:29:17 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1008pragma-<pragma-> i am a whale 2018/01/14 Sun 13:34:59 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1022pragma-<pragma-> Hey, if you're looking for a guy who has a great personality, you're in luck! I have multiple! 2018/01/23 Tue 08:29:46 mnrmnaugh!~mnrmnaugh@unaffiliated/mnrmnaugh
1025pragma-<pragma-> we need more sex toys 2018/01/23 Tue 12:42:44 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1033pragma-<pragma-> STOP LIKING THINGS 2018/01/26 Fri 15:00:34 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1036pragma-<pragma-> i thought peurto rico was in south america 2018/01/27 Sat 12:41:45 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1042pragma-<pragma-> YOU GOPAT A WPROBLEM WITH YM TPYING? 2018/01/29 Mon 17:51:21 sjohnson!
1059pragma-<pragma-> tigy? 2018/02/16 Fri 00:21:38 sjohnson!
1080pragma-<pragma-> i used to fap to girls gone wild commercials 2018/03/04 Sun 19:49:54 sjohnson!
1083pragma-<pragma-> it isnot pilot to laugh at retarfds 2018/03/08 Thu 14:32:00 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1103pragma-<pragma-> i should just toss out the pancake mix and drink straight from the maple syrup bottle 2018/03/18 Sun 10:36:57 mnrmnaugh!~mnrmnaugh@unaffiliated/mnrmnaugh
1109pragma-<pragma-> k: fix this pls, i am too old and stupid now 2018/03/22 Thu 10:54:55 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1127pragma-<pragma-> i wear a strap 2018/04/06 Fri 17:31:20 edge_hay!~dork@2a02:a03f:4423:aa00:e41f:c173:c71d:cc55
1138pragma-<pragma-> k: you are lacking or marked by lack of inellectual acuity 2018/04/13 Fri 14:13:44 e!e@enucs/spy.edk
1155pragma-<pragma-> as a member of the internet, i resent that 2018/05/04 Fri 21:42:56 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1216pragma-<pragma-> my penis is function pointer 2018/07/03 Tue 19:41:41 jp!
1224pragma-<pragma-> "cleans the entire bieroty" 2018/07/28 Sat 11:47:23 nai!
1225pragma-<pragma-> atk is so stupid 2018/07/28 Sat 14:38:49 nai!
1244pragma-<pragma-> why not just the tits 2019/05/10 Fri 12:16:12 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
1257pragma-<pragma-> liquid noxigen 2019/06/18 Tue 13:46:25 dho!~dho@freenode/staff/dho
1259pragma-<pragma-> while you 2 morons are over there congratulating yourselves, i'm sitting over here winning this argument. 2019/06/19 Wed 12:47:53 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1281pragma-<pragma-> look at this madness 2019/07/30 Tue 15:25:32 NextHendrix!NextHendri@unaffiliated/nexthendrix
1298pragma-<pragma-> you say some stupid things, bro 2019/08/26 Mon 19:48:55 taylor!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1299pragma-<pragma-> pernnilumn is beter 2019/08/27 Tue 09:25:47 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
1300pragma-<pragma-> i am retarded 2019/08/27 Tue 10:59:40 christopher!NextHendri@unaffiliated/nexthendrix
1307pragma-<pragma-> i'm gonna eat a slice of cheese brb 2019/09/05 Thu 12:35:53 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
1308pragma-<pragma-> and i pinch the bottom 2019/09/06 Fri 18:00:25 nh!NextHendri@unaffiliated/nexthendrix
766pragma-, atk<pragma-> I think kate looks good with a beard. <atk> Beardho > Shavedho 2017/04/21 Fri 10:46:42 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1264pragma-, k<pragma-> k: so, nai put together factadd -url in like 2 minutes. what have you been doing for the last 2 years? <k> being a fabulous gay man 2019/06/26 Wed 11:32:55 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
687pragma-<pragma-> the fuck is wrong with you <pragma-> this channel doesn't mean you can move C discussion here 2017/02/01 Wed 18:19:48 phox!
882pragma-<pragma-> throwing up on people is fine. <pragma-> being thrown up on is disgusting. 2017/09/30 Sat 11:15:21 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
1023pragma-<pragma-> i just inject the cookie dough <pragma-> right into my anus 2018/01/23 Tue 10:40:44 Learath2!~learath2@unaffiliated/learath2
1039pragma-<pragma-> i use cygwin <pragma-> it is just like sshing into linux 2018/01/29 Mon 15:11:47 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1041pragma-<pragma-> c is alright <pragma-> but it doesnt have classes 2018/01/29 Mon 17:47:27 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1060pragma-<pragma-> welp <pragma-> i think my penis got smaller 2018/02/16 Fri 12:28:08 jp!
1075pragma-<pragma-> i have gained weight <pragma-> and my penis has shrunk 2018/02/26 Mon 12:05:36 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1081pragma-<pragma-> i once tried to have anal sex <pragma-> but i couldn't fit my whole butt in their vagina 2018/03/07 Wed 13:52:55 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1136pragma-<pragma-> hey <pragma-> the snoogie is boogie with the woogie 2018/04/12 Thu 16:38:26 sjohnson!
1199pragma-<pragma-> k has the unique talent of being able to dumb himself down in order to understand what morons could be thinking <pragma-> k: quick, tell me what i'm thinking 2018/06/13 Wed 12:04:28 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1207pragma-<pragma-> if i could bottle my farts and spritz them with a spray, that would be fantastic <pragma-> everybody would enjoy essence au de promga 2018/06/22 Fri 23:59:46 sjohnson!
1243pragma-<pragma-> english is like <pragma-> php 2019/05/09 Thu 14:32:48 nil!
1251pragma-<pragma-> there is ntohing good on the internet today <pragma-> i'mg oing to take a bath 2019/05/22 Wed 13:18:51 nil!
1280pragma-<pragma-> y'all having stroke <pragma-> stroooooke 2019/07/30 Tue 15:25:02 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
1004pragma-<pragma-> OH MY GOD <pragma-> I AM GOING TO EXPLODE FROM MY ASS <pragma-> BRB 2018/01/13 Sat 17:33:16 jp!
1020pragma-<pragma-> I DONT EVEN CARE <pragma-> la la la <pragma-> ^ me not caring 2018/01/21 Sun 10:42:46 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1087pragma-<pragma-> i am smooth <pragma-> and vigorous <pragma-> i am rubbing my nipples 2018/03/10 Sat 09:02:11 jp!
1153pragma-<pragma-> *<|:-) <pragma-> thats a smiley <pragma-> with a birthday hat 2018/04/30 Mon 12:13:03 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1181pragma-<pragma-> because he has a deep-seated paranoid fear of himself getting busted <pragma-> he wants to be prepared and know what to say <pragma-> he's studying how they got busted so he can avoid it 2018/06/08 Fri 12:04:18 sjohnson!
1193pragma-<pragma-> i saw them put the cum in the frying pan <pragma-> and i closed it <pragma-> i wasn't about to see them scramble the cum 2018/06/10 Sun 13:39:18 sjohnson!
1139pragma-, k<pragma-> it'd probably be easier to just kill all the mexicans on mars instead. there'll be what, 3 or 4? <pragma-> but then <pragma-> they wont have tacos <k> fake tacos are fine 2018/04/13 Fri 22:32:35 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
720pragma-<pragma-> i sued coconut oil to make the brownies <pragma-> good stuff <pragma-> jiggity bag doogity donk a donk. <pragma-> I JUST FARTED <pragma-> AND NOW THE WHOLE ROOM STINKS LIKE WEED 2017/02/26 Sun 11:22:37 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
1279pragma-, Remavas<pragma-> what's wrong with sodomy? <Remavas> nothing, I am more surprised it worked this time around. 2019/07/29 Mon 15:53:51 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
783pragma-, sjohnson<pragma-> and i mentioned anally fingering a wheelchair-bounded woman <sjohnson> sorry to hear about your mom. 2017/05/29 Mon 10:31:10 Random832!~random@unaffiliated/random832
1166pragma-, sjohnson<pragma-> u gay gay with u buddy <sjohnson> i dunno i liked it. 2018/05/28 Mon 13:24:51 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
698pragma-, vktec<pragma-> you know what's more stupid? bitching about people bitching about a text editor. <vktec> pragma-: See, now you're bitching about people bitching about people bitching about a text editor ;) 2017/02/07 Tue 15:54:33 phox!
818qwename<qwename> I have used your bot and much like it. 2017/08/04 Fri 04:50:44 qwename!~qwename@unaffiliated/qwename
819qwename<qwename> Et tu, Brute! 2017/08/04 Fri 04:55:39 qwename!~qwename@unaffiliated/qwename
820qwename<qwename> Real security lies in knowing there isn't. 2017/08/04 Fri 06:13:00 qwename!~qwename@unaffiliated/qwename
824qwename<qwename> This would be 750 lines in base 7.397052847 2017/08/08 Tue 04:20:00 sj0rz!
1283Remavas<Remavas> Toetet alle Juden 2019/07/31 Wed 07:53:34 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1303Remavas<Remavas> I just enter my boot loader into the front panel. 2019/08/30 Fri 12:30:54 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1082siiky<siiky> holy fuck! im such a retard! 2018/03/08 Thu 14:30:33 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1197siiky<siiky> he could spread his cheeks with happiness 2018/06/11 Mon 14:58:27 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1110sj^<sj^> oh man i can’t wait to just get home and beat off. 2018/03/23 Fri 18:48:10 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
769sjohnson<sjohnson> just as long as you're smoking and doin' crack though, probably safe :) 2017/05/04 Thu 21:56:46 dho!
779sjohnson<sjohnson> for some reason i just really like the sensation of something tugging on your rod 2017/05/24 Wed 17:17:05 Random832!~random@unaffiliated/random832
804sjohnson<sjohnson> i paid for an evil angel subscription, but i used one of those 75% off coupons. 2017/07/20 Thu 13:22:26 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
821sjohnson<sjohnson> pragma-: i used to walk around town with a mousetrap in my ass 2017/08/06 Sun 12:14:54 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
838sjohnson<sjohnson> it isn't. i lost my virginity at 32. 2017/08/25 Fri 22:12:09 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
839sjohnson<sjohnson> pragma- even admitted that he's retarded. 2017/08/25 Fri 22:20:46 dho!
854sjohnson<sjohnson> ! lick atk 2017/09/01 Fri 19:04:25 alyptik!
864sjohnson<sjohnson> i was kid in school. 2017/09/03 Sun 18:14:39 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
870sjohnson<sjohnson> pragma-: you and your goddamn sexy mind. 2017/09/04 Mon 22:42:49 alyptik!
881sjohnson<sjohnson> i slapped my buddy's ass once in public and he was not happy 2017/09/28 Thu 18:19:35 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
884sjohnson<sjohnson> just needed an instrument to allow me to play songs of sadness and sorrow. 2017/10/03 Tue 03:23:40 lambda443!~lambda443@unaffiliated/lambda443
1064sjohnson<sjohnson> i like sucking and being sucked. i like to kiss. 2018/02/18 Sun 09:33:25 atk!Arch-TK@ircpuzzles/staff/Arch-TK
1065sjohnson<sjohnson> i definitely could use some sex. 2018/02/18 Sun 09:48:43 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1096sjohnson<sjohnson> i need a second opinion actually. anything wrong with me videotaping myself pretending to shit myself in public? 2018/03/15 Thu 02:50:40 jp!
1104sjohnson<sjohnson> so it's all good. and i went to mcdonald's. i had a coupon. 2018/03/18 Sun 14:19:49 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1118sjohnson<sjohnson> i wonder if i have to install C++ to get the compiler working 2018/03/25 Sun 16:52:46 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1128sjohnson<sjohnson> i'm starting to think that maybe pragma- is smart, and i'm just dumb. 2018/04/06 Fri 17:41:32 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1133sjohnson<sjohnson> all i have to do is mention the time my dad told me to quit faking my orgasms when i was jerking off in my room the other day 2018/04/11 Wed 10:50:17 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1134sjohnson<sjohnson> i like fries and mayo 2018/04/11 Wed 19:40:45 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1146sjohnson<sjohnson> i'm gayer than they are 2018/04/23 Mon 01:14:54 atk!~Arch-TK@ircpuzzles/staff/Arch-TK
1151sjohnson<sjohnson> my dad put cyber nanny on my computer 2018/04/28 Sat 11:21:44 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1179sjohnson<sjohnson> jp: my hottest fantasy is if pragma is a little boy and i get to seduce him 2018/06/08 Fri 11:54:11 jp!
1180sjohnson<sjohnson> heh, fell asleep listening to pedos getting busted on facebook. that explains why i was having really weird dreams of people getting interrogated and called "filthy bastard" all the time, lol 2018/06/08 Fri 11:54:22 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1182sjohnson<sjohnson> a pedo nazi is the worst kind of nazi 2018/06/09 Sat 13:54:36 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1188sjohnson<sjohnson> just saw this on my facebook newsfeed 2018/06/10 Sun 13:03:08 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1189sjohnson<sjohnson> because facebook is so popular if you look hard enough you will find interesting stuff. 2018/06/10 Sun 13:32:26 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1190sjohnson<sjohnson> facebook is like crack i can't stop 2018/06/10 Sun 13:32:37 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1194sjohnson* sjohnson goes back to watching pedo videos 2018/06/10 Sun 16:13:53 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1195sjohnson<sjohnson> i've watched enough pedo videos to know the difference between right and wong 2018/06/10 Sun 19:12:31 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1208sjohnson<sjohnson> my uncle put his thumb in me 2018/06/23 Sat 11:46:27 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1210sjohnson<sjohnson> also i had a thought yesterday that pragma- hates me so i'm toning it down. 2018/06/27 Wed 15:54:29 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1230sjohnson<sjohnson> yeah i couldn't get hard the first time. 2019/04/08 Mon 15:57:00 amgarp!~amgarp@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1234sjohnson<sjohnson> because i am gay 2019/04/13 Sat 03:33:13 atk!~Arch-TK@ircpuzzles/staff/Arch-TK
1254sjohnson<sjohnson> that was kinda... anti-clamatic 2019/05/31 Fri 14:18:00 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1256sjohnson<sjohnson> JUST CAUSE I LIKE KIDS DOESN'T MAKE ME A PEDO 2019/06/07 Fri 13:55:54 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1262sjohnson<sjohnson> you know how you twirl around whipped cream on a cupcake in circles? i wanna do that to atk's dick with my tongue once in my life. before i die. 2019/06/21 Fri 14:36:44 nil!
1266sjohnson<sjohnson> spigot 2019/07/02 Tue 12:40:27 bungy!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
693sjohnson, pragma-<sjohnson> i just hate it when it becomes "popular" enough that hipster's take it over. <pragma-> you might be a hipster then 2017/02/04 Sat 12:44:13 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
843sjohnson, pragma-<sjohnson> pragma-: i hope i'm not irritating you when i talk and say dumb shit <pragma-> your mere existence irritates me 2017/08/28 Mon 14:44:23 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
856sjohnson, pragma-<sjohnson> i blinked and it was over <pragma-> thats what she said 2017/09/02 Sat 15:54:32 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1019sjohnson<sjohnson> i should use the private browsing mode more often. <sjohnson> it sucks when someone wants to google something and the autocomplete keeps suggesting porn fetishes 2018/01/20 Sat 07:54:56 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1088sjohnson<sjohnson> i'm a detective on the side. solving crimes and cold-cases that the police force doesn't have time to deal with. <sjohnson> make extra cash on the side. 2018/03/10 Sat 09:39:29 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1135sjohnson<sjohnson> i left a roast beef sandwich with mayonnise in my car for a week <sjohnson> before eating it 2018/04/12 Thu 11:05:57 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1185sjohnson<sjohnson> well i installed the VPN software <sjohnson> now i can click on links and shit that might be illegal 2018/06/09 Sat 15:36:25 jp!
1186sjohnson<sjohnson> overclocking your cpu was "k00l" like 20 year ago <sjohnson> just let your cpu do what it normally does at the stock setting 2018/06/09 Sat 22:09:30 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1187sjohnson<sjohnson> why doesn't anyone want to talk to me <sjohnson> is it because i'm a pedophile? 2018/06/09 Sat 23:01:23 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1289sjohnson<sjohnson> ♪ ♫ fuck white supremacy... fuck white supremacy ♪ <sjohnson> not going to vote for any politician who goes along with this shit. 2019/08/09 Fri 13:26:55 e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk
1292sjohnson, pragma-<sjohnson> shush let me think <sjohnson> can i think?! <pragma-> press [x] to doubt 2019/08/18 Sun 17:44:58 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1206sjohnson<sjohnson> we talked to girls in bikinis and they were whining we didn't take them boating. <sjohnson> to be fair i went with my gut feeling and tried to talk about something i liked, like C++ <sjohnson> but that didn't go over well. 2018/06/22 Fri 16:44:27 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1301taylor<taylor> i might add discord to birch 2019/08/29 Thu 10:54:00 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
709tir<tir> who needs secutirya 2017/02/19 Sun 15:47:50 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
723tires<tires> Gah I was hoping for DONG. 2017/02/28 Tue 05:17:23 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
831Tires<Tires> what are some sweet irc chats I can join? 2017/08/21 Mon 19:55:14 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
851Tires<Tires> sweaty butthole is moist. 2017/08/31 Thu 18:54:18 helfwot!
702tlahtoani<tlahtoani> People who unironically like C++ are niggercattle 2017/02/08 Wed 20:16:59 marchelzo!~marchelzo@unaffiliated/marchelzo
710tlahtoani<tlahtoani> How do I stop people from sending dick pics x.x 2017/02/19 Sun 17:40:39 javaisnom!~javaisnom@
689tlahtoani, marchelzo<tlahtoani> Is it geeky to write C in a strip club? <marchelzo> that's full blown autism 2017/02/02 Thu 17:35:53 phox!
701tlahtoani<tlahtoani> Make is gay <tlahtoani> Tf is DAG 2017/02/08 Wed 14:31:07 phox!
1274uso_<uso_> I guess mouse is better for reading, keyboard better for writing, what this article seems to miss, and I think is really hard to calculate is the context switch cost the brain need to switch from keyboard usage to mouse <uso_> dho: ok,I admit didn't read it 2019/07/15 Mon 09:13:29 dho!~dho@freenode/staff/dho
984VLetrmx<VLetrmx> I had a fucked up nightmare <VLetrmx> about the fucking mafia and systemd <VLetrmx> what the fuck 2018/01/03 Wed 23:11:46 jp!
1017zalt<zalt> i have both pragma- and candide ignored, the channel is much better 2018/01/19 Fri 11:20:30 jp!
1302zalt_<zalt_> i want to think about sheep 2019/08/29 Thu 11:42:50 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos


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215beramiah<beramiah> C n00b here: is there any way to convert from an int**arr to an arr[][]? 2013/03/11 Mon 20:47:15 guidj0s
369fisted<fisted> can someone explain to me how the sizeof() function works? 2014/04/29 Tue 16:25:08 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
370pragma-<pragma-> I sux. 2014/04/29 Tue 16:29:41 fisted!~fisted@unaffiliated/fisted
371Seabasschan<Seabasschan> The temptation to grab myself is becoming quite intense. 2014/04/29 Tue 16:43:50 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos


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115pragma_<pragma_> i just have these moments where i conveniently forget that i'm insane 2011/02/11 Fri 20:47:30 pragma_


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16codrus<codrus> Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. 2009/12/10 Thu 12:10:25 pragma_
52cyndre<cyndre> AR - we had fun in the sun chasing nazi's on the run, but the fun didn't last, the nazi's RAN to fast 2010/01/22 Fri 17:27:32 notk0
24greatman-ever<greatman-ever> for a man to be a great man one need to learn to control his penis 2009/12/11 Fri 19:44:51 pragma_
22halberd<halberd> Utopiah, you lay off of pragma_ , it was a terrifying midget attack, there were just millions of them, tiny little buggers, they get up your nose, in your eyes, clawing at your brain, it's not a pretty sight 2009/12/11 Fri 18:47:40 pragma_
28halberd<halberd> I think they kind of rub openings 2009/12/11 Fri 23:59:11 Sailormoon
40incarnation<incarnation> and I'm not saying I'm smart 2009/12/13 Sun 20:50:13 pragma_
49incarnation<incarnation> i dont think 4chan exhibits immaturity, i think 4chan exhibits a sort of collective and extreme satire of the absurdity of hypocrisy 2010/01/01 Fri 20:59:27 pragma_
53incarnation<incarnation> maybe i just dont masturbate in public because so many people hate it 2010/03/02 Tue 14:40:19 SailorReality
54incarnation<incarnation> admit it SailorReality you'd be a total public masturbator if it wasn't against the law 2010/03/03 Wed 21:16:35 Nately
47kronix<kronix> I found a photo of Sailormoon: 2009/12/20 Sun 04:27:26 pragma_
20nately<nately> pragma_ is... the most interesting man in the world. 2009/12/11 Fri 12:47:16 pragma_
31nately<nately> pragma_: you must be extraordinary 2009/12/12 Sat 00:13:59 pragma_
39nately<nately> is there still random fap? 2009/12/12 Sat 23:35:40 pragma_
5parliament<parliament> I imagine it's like he thinks of something to say, and then waits for an answer, realizes he didn't actually say anything, and mumbles out some incoherent fragment of his idea and stands there with a blank stare waiting for a reply 2009/12/09 Wed 18:49:35 pragma_
50parliament<parliament> dear diary, today pragma_ and notk0 couldn't stop talking about my 5 phds and how they wish they could be me 2010/01/02 Sat 14:25:20 notk0
64plato<plato> lol my sister gave me ringworms because we shared the same shower 2010/03/28 Sun 13:51:07 SailorReality
29pnotes<pnotes> how do male birds get their sperm in the females? 2009/12/11 Fri 23:58:20 Sailormoon
17pragma_<pragma_> It's like trying to teach math to someone. You tell them, "You have 4 apples, and I take away 2; how many do you have left?" Then you tell them, "You have 3 oranges, and I give you 2; how many do you have?" But they instead go off to read about fruit. 2009/12/10 Thu 16:07:17 pragma_
23pragma_<pragma_> Also, each time you wank, you give your sperm-system more experience points and it gains levels. It learns from previous mistakes and it improves itself for future insemination. If you wank a few thousand times before you finally create a child, that child will be as fast as an African runner and as smart as Einstein. 2009/12/11 Fri 19:38:08 pragma_
30pragma_<pragma_> "most birds do not have a penis (ducks and ostriches are a couple that do), and mate simply by pressing their cloacas together (the cloaca is the single opening birds use to excrete, mate and lay eggs)" 2009/12/12 Sat 00:02:52 Sailormoon
44pragma_<pragma_> I've known for a long while that politicans and rulers do not live by their own constitutions or rules; they preach one thing, and do a different thing in privacy; schools are just day-care centers and training camps to brainwash more complacant sheep for the diplomats and bureaucracies to utilize as slaves; paychecks are just a facade when you consider how much money the top dogs are making compared to the so-called workers 2009/12/14 Mon 14:16:04 pragma_
46pragma_<pragma_> "I just had an argument with a girl I know. She was saying how it's unfair that if a guy fucks a different girl every week, he's a legend, but if a girl fucks just two guys in a year, she's a slut. So in response I told her that if a key opens lots of locks, then it's a master key. But if a lock is opened by lots of keys, then it's a shitty lock. That shut her up." 2009/12/16 Wed 14:17:13 pragma_
51pragma_<pragma_> <Jayded> pragma_: I've had lots of lovers, I've traveled overseas as a gay sailor, played in homo bands, been whupped by homophobes, got drunk in gay bars, and had fun 2010/01/07 Thu 06:22:55 notk0
57pragma_<pragma_> If you really examine the course of the development of our world, we're really all (ants, birds, humans, reptiles, mammals, bacteria, fish, insects, plants, etc), all of us, are all just parasites eating each other and adapting to each other. 2010/03/12 Fri 16:56:47 pragma_
62pragma_<pragma_> i've had the cat pass through that flag with a red face at least twice 2010/03/27 Sat 15:15:01 PARLIAMENT
6sailormoon<sailormoon> I'm retarded 2009/12/09 Wed 18:55:27 pragma_
21sailormoon<sailormoon> that makes sense pragma.. 2009/12/11 Fri 18:38:25 pragma_
55sailorreality<sailorreality> If public masturbation were legal Id hang out in womens washrooms and then run after cumming on them and id also learn kung fu and aikido so if their boyfriends came at me id kick their ass and cum on their face 2010/03/03 Wed 21:21:00 Incarnation
56sailorreality<sailorreality> wait, how do u see their mouths if ur deaf? 2010/03/04 Thu 22:14:35 pragma_
59sarajevo<sarajevo> anyways, i found out that my gf was cheating me with some fat fuck 2010/03/25 Thu 22:54:15 pragma_
58tau<tau> SailorReality: i had problems with my brother we discussed i want to fill his face of beat. 2010/03/19 Fri 21:38:57 SailorReality
60tau<tau> SailorReality: stop or i will fill your face of beat. 2010/03/26 Fri 16:03:07 SailorReality
63tau<tau> but i never mated with one. 2010/03/28 Sun 00:03:04 SailorReality
25tired<tired> do you know how hard it is to get a table for 1 at chuckie cheese? 2009/12/11 Fri 20:06:24 pragma_
32tor]{<tor]{> and your jaw wont drop when God hands that rear end to ya with just a handful of people 2009/12/12 Sat 11:48:46 pragma_
33tor]{<tor]{> Christ laid the whole thing waste 2009/12/12 Sat 11:56:02 pragma_
34tor]{<tor]{> newton studied the bible as well 2009/12/12 Sat 11:59:10 pragma_
35tor]{<tor]{> there is nothing wrong with learning the occult 2009/12/12 Sat 12:03:02 pragma_
36tor]{<tor]{> God only exists to people who implement the tools he gave mankind to utilize his existence 2009/12/12 Sat 12:07:12 pragma_
37tor]{<tor]{> Satan is a greater being... 2009/12/12 Sat 12:09:29 pragma_
38tor]{<tor]{> benzap..forcing a belief on to people is manipulating scientific data to hide declines to push a fascist agenda like global warming across 2009/12/12 Sat 12:12:48 pragma_
19utopiah<utopiah> Koganei: could you write a algorithm that would convert each philosophy paper to a running algorithm? you could call it philosophical_embodiment() and see if instancianting the state of the art from the last publications help to make the world a better place 2009/12/11 Fri 11:53:36 pragma_


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1058dmc<dmc> is Wales not a country 2018/02/14 Wed 21:04:09 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1241iamgarp<iamgarp> I'M RIPPING HIS QUESTIONS WHETHER HE ALLOWS IT OR NOT 2019/05/05 Sun 10:59:15 nai!
1076jp<jp> i don't waste my time compiling bs, only important things! 2018/02/27 Tue 12:25:40 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1038jp<jp> in japan paying for sex is illegal <jp> unless it's anal or oral 2018/01/29 Mon 13:16:49 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1074k<k> wtf are those baby noises 2018/02/24 Sat 19:57:55 sjohnson!
1054k<k> i am a commie <k> i used to read big books about nazis 2018/02/10 Sat 16:50:37 jp!
1070koisoke<koisoke> wynona's big brown beaver was fun and self-deprecating 2018/02/24 Sat 10:46:06 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1072koisoke<koisoke> i may not be an anatomistt, but 2018/02/24 Sat 19:36:37 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1045nchambers<nchambers> milk is made from milk 2018/01/31 Wed 13:17:51 jp!
1242nil<nil> i've seen penis galleries way before vulva galleries 2019/05/09 Thu 14:17:41 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1245nil<nil> nah i like black <nil> cock 2019/05/12 Sun 09:30:42 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1052pragma-<pragma-> why am i losing 2018/02/10 Sat 16:15:44 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1071pragma-<pragma-> take that gg and shove it up your ass you scrublord 2018/02/24 Sat 18:15:29 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1077pragma-<pragma-> this fisblart keuboard lesves alot to be desired 2018/02/28 Wed 13:23:31 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1250pragma-<pragma-> ,yt hokey pokey sexy 2019/05/15 Wed 13:48:58 nil!
1249pragma-<pragma-> what did the jews eat with their chips? <pragma-> gulagamole 2019/05/13 Mon 12:46:59 Remavas!Remavas@gateway/shell/xshellz/x-Remavas
1248pragma-<pragma-> it puts <pragma-> this image <pragma-> of a robot <pragma-> eating guagalcome <pragma-> in my ehad <pragma-> its great 2019/05/13 Mon 12:45:13 nil!
1037qwename<qwename> Deez nuts 2018/01/28 Sun 20:52:02 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1073sjohnson<sjohnson> wtf i think someone took my video off youtube 2018/02/24 Sat 19:40:22 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1108sjohnson<sjohnson> i didn't get where i am today by reading documentation. 2018/03/21 Wed 18:06:30 mnrmnaugh!~mnrmnaugh@unaffiliated/mnrmnaugh
1078sjohnson, k<sjohnson> mnrmnaugh: nah that would probably be overkill <k> that is the most retarded idea i have ever heard mnrmnaugh 2018/03/02 Fri 20:39:48 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok


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934e36freak* e36freak is legally retarded, actually 2017/11/12 Sun 17:40:07 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
669greycat, geirha<greycat> usually you do find . -type f -exec chown 644 {} + or similar <geirha> today's lucky uid *drumroll....* 644! 2017/01/24 Tue 13:07:30 phox!
947kurahaupo<kurahaupo> nchambers: sounds like a classic case of "the expert idiot" -- they work in isolation so never get exposed to better ideas, and come to believe that they're at the pinnacle of expertise in their chosen area on the basis of a lack of contrary evidence 2017/11/24 Fri 18:04:38 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
887phy1729<phy1729> bash turned syntax errors into features 2017/10/13 Fri 12:38:58 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
663pragma-<pragma-> we can appreciate the fruit of their labors without thinking of the fruits behind the labors! 2017/01/20 Fri 13:25:02 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
559sjohnson<sjohnson> JordiGH: using eval is kind of like doing your boss' wife. you might get in trouble for it right then or worry about getting caught for it later. 2016/03/05 Sat 09:47:16 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos


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426pragma-<pragma-> GNU C is best C 2014/09/01 Mon 17:28:36 fstd!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted


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941[\<[\> I was born a God! 2017/11/20 Mon 20:44:09 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
891alyptik<alyptik> why is grab so arcane 2017/10/16 Mon 15:46:29 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
972atk<atk> I'm hairy as fuck 2017/12/26 Tue 15:47:46 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
973atk<atk> I am an expert at pragma- 2017/12/27 Wed 12:23:12 jp!
976atk<atk> I should take a shower today. 2017/12/29 Fri 14:31:36 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
988atk<atk> my dick is well proportioned 2018/01/06 Sat 15:54:00 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
989atk<atk> I don't have a chode 2018/01/06 Sat 15:54:09 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1013atk<atk> I don't do unit tests 2018/01/16 Tue 13:00:14 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
985atk<atk> I bet I could get this job if I got the interview and told the interviewers about just how miserable my current job is <atk> they would probably feel sorry for me 2018/01/04 Thu 12:35:38 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
930atk, pragma-<atk> I might have some terminal disease* <pragma-> we all have a terminal disease. its called life 2017/11/12 Sun 10:31:49 naptime!~naptime@unaffiliated/naptime
1candide<candide> Who's a bot? 1969/12/31 Wed 16:00:00 pragma-
922jp<jp> friends don't let friends be faggots 2017/11/05 Sun 17:40:19 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
925jp<jp> pretty sure kg is a 56-year old divorced potted plant 2017/11/06 Mon 16:34:46 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
931jp<jp> sry my asian was showing 2017/11/12 Sun 11:11:37 naptime!~naptime@unaffiliated/naptime
946jp<jp> i peed on the flior 2017/11/24 Fri 16:22:20 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
953jp<jp> some heroin addicts are cute 2017/12/02 Sat 12:16:01 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
969jp<jp> ,g xxx goat 2017/12/22 Fri 16:50:45 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
983jp<jp> i greped for cock and all i found was k 2018/01/03 Wed 12:04:52 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
995jp<jp> wtf black ppl can't be deaf 2018/01/11 Thu 16:32:23 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1000jp<jp> GOD WHY CAN'T YOU PEOPLE TYPE WITHOUT HAVING AN ORGASM ALL OVER THE TEXT 2018/01/13 Sat 16:33:00 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1002jp<jp> PENETRATE MY ASS 2018/01/13 Sat 17:24:45 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1014jp<jp> atk is an old man stuck in a small polish boy 2018/01/16 Tue 14:43:11 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1027jp<jp> i grabbed your ass-to-nut patch 2018/01/23 Tue 19:43:30 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1132jp<jp> i am tried of penis 2018/04/09 Mon 19:53:01 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1147jp<jp> i do have a secret tor life 2018/04/24 Tue 16:33:45 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
932jp<jp> k is a pervert <jp> that was a goat 2017/11/12 Sun 11:14:15 naptime!~naptime@unaffiliated/naptime
933jp<jp> lol bird sex <jp> nice 2017/11/12 Sun 11:30:12 naptime!~naptime@unaffiliated/naptime
1090jp<jp> this is boring <jp> wasting life on toilet 2018/03/11 Sun 20:12:26 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
950jp, k<jp> i am trying to penis.a pozza <jp> eat* <k> you're trying to eat a penis? 2017/11/28 Tue 15:14:57 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1016jp, pragma-<jp> i've given guys massage at raves <pragma-> butt? <jp> yes 2018/01/16 Tue 18:48:06 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
926jp, pragma-, mnrmnaugh<jp> i actually got a hole in one once <pragma-> who was the lucky guy? <mnrmnaugh> minigolf doesnt count 2017/11/07 Tue 14:28:39 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
938k<k> how big is your penis? 2017/11/17 Fri 15:45:49 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
956k<k> As you can see, this ferocious penis is showing some aggressiveness, crikey! 2017/12/05 Tue 12:59:02 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
957k* k np: Dead Kennedys - I Kill Children 2017/12/05 Tue 17:36:32 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
963k<k> cute cock 2017/12/10 Sun 18:08:33 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
966k<k> "What a penis! Come 'ere, penis, i'm gonna smack you again." 2017/12/18 Mon 16:40:27 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
967k<k> i'd rather eat the penis 2017/12/18 Mon 20:20:15 jp!
977k<k> atk: FARBGRABI IT 2017/12/30 Sat 18:26:12 atk!Arch-TK@ircpuzzles/staff/Arch-TK
979k* k shakes his fist at the sky 2017/12/30 Sat 18:26:36 atk!Arch-TK@ircpuzzles/staff/Arch-TK
980k<k> pragma-: DON'T JUST DO SOMETHING STAND THERE 2017/12/30 Sat 18:26:58 atk!Arch-TK@ircpuzzles/staff/Arch-TK
1001k* k is impenetrable 2018/01/13 Sat 17:02:19 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1047k<k> if my nick was any more complicated i wouldn't be able to spell it 2018/02/02 Fri 19:37:45 jp!
1048k<k> they come in spurts for some reason 2018/02/02 Fri 21:43:33 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1068k<k> i only sucked one dick 2018/02/21 Wed 16:32:43 jp!
1089k<k> control my destiny jp 2018/03/10 Sat 21:58:41 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1099k<k> oisefmowevniwrungoiunjocqkenofnwiruvireufhoweidncokzosckqewfcpemwpoireiundciuwenwgiuhjreofiwpcqpscqkenfoicmzdivcdenuwewgoeiqeoifjqoi 2018/03/16 Fri 15:43:25 jp!
1115k<k> "Goatse aims to originate then propagate the freshest OC and dankest memes through providing a fertile blockchain enabled distributed meme ecosystem." 2018/03/24 Sat 18:22:39 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1120k<k> jp: i am installing arch linux on this laptop today 2018/03/27 Tue 13:26:39 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1137k<k> me suck pee pee in tee pee 2018/04/12 Thu 16:53:59 jp!
1154k<k> maybe you should swap the motherfucker for bitch 2018/05/04 Fri 14:47:16 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1160k<k> i'm glad there are no stupid people on irc 2018/05/09 Wed 21:47:37 jp!
1167k<k> they're like volunteers at an orphanage 2018/05/28 Mon 18:09:18 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1175k<k> latex is so gay 2018/06/02 Sat 18:37:21 jp!
1200k<k> small size is approachable 2018/06/14 Thu 22:13:56 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
1201k<k> why can't everyone just suck my dick all the time and tell me how great i am 2018/06/16 Sat 11:33:42 jp!
1202k<k> fuck off jp i am looking at picutres of vaginas 2018/06/20 Wed 17:09:08 jp!
982k, atk<k> you're black? <atk> I honestly have no idea 2018/01/01 Mon 10:03:04 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
964k, jp<k> i goated him <jp> k: DO ME 2017/12/16 Sat 15:44:37 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
929k<k> that which has been fucked cannot be unfucked. <k> especially if that thing is a man, and you are also a man. 2017/11/11 Sat 16:41:07 jp!
974k<k> yo this tv show is fucken insane <k> twink peaks 2017/12/28 Thu 18:05:57 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
999k<k> what do i plow <k> hot man ass prolly 2018/01/13 Sat 16:29:09 jp!
1015k<k> <k> god he's so hot 2018/01/16 Tue 18:25:10 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
942k<k> jp: have you found that porn yet? <k> this is a support channel for the pbot3 irc bot. <k> i don't know why you think it's appropriate to bring this kind of filth in here. 2017/11/20 Mon 21:22:28 jp!
889kg<kg> so how big is yours? 2017/10/14 Sat 13:59:05 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
896kg<kg> cruelty can be beautiful. 2017/10/21 Sat 17:21:35 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos
905kg<kg> i love cocks. 2017/10/27 Fri 21:34:21 jp!
911kg<kg> raw potato does not have a very sexual texture. 2017/10/29 Sun 20:22:31 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
912kg<kg> are you not aware of kanye west's high regard as an artist? 2017/10/29 Sun 20:44:44 jp!
909kg, jp<kg> why the fuck is that useful? <jp> idk man 2017/10/29 Sun 12:33:14 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
910kg<kg> im not in the mood to give a blowjob <kg> wait no nvm <kg> i am 2017/10/29 Sun 16:49:27 jp!
903kg, pragma-<kg> you fuck rotirallas? <pragma-> yes 2017/10/27 Fri 16:02:22 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
890pragma-<pragma-> i'm maeking a boble bath 2017/10/15 Sun 20:35:11 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
902pragma-<pragma-> boxing is not a sport 2017/10/27 Fri 11:10:22 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
924pragma-<pragma-> I wish I read the ingredients for this cheese cake before i bought it 2017/11/06 Mon 16:33:11 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
936pragma-<pragma-> i am going to assault a donkey 2017/11/15 Wed 21:42:16 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
948pragma-<pragma-> KICKED jp! from #pbot2 (like a dewango on a pineapple) 2017/11/26 Sun 12:39:36 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
959pragma-<pragma-> mind your o2n beeswax u busybody 2017/12/07 Thu 14:33:43 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
961pragma-<pragma-> that ass is phat 2017/12/09 Sat 14:24:26 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
962pragma-<pragma-> i have a sugar addiction 2017/12/10 Sun 16:09:04 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
965pragma-<pragma-> my ass is plump 2017/12/18 Mon 16:17:51 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
968pragma-<pragma-> i am the wangiest wang that ever wanged 2017/12/19 Tue 16:01:41 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
970pragma-<pragma-> k has a very high iq 2017/12/26 Tue 09:47:49 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
971pragma-<pragma-> there's a very disconcerting lack of interest in butt stuff in here 2017/12/26 Tue 13:37:28 cousteau!~cousteau@unaffiliated/cousteau
1021pragma-<pragma-> wot in tarnation 2018/01/22 Mon 13:48:19 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1031pragma-<pragma-> we need vagrants 2018/01/25 Thu 21:56:10 e!e@enucs/spy.edk
1057pragma-<pragma-> POOPING IS SCARY 2018/02/13 Tue 16:54:36 jp!
1095pragma-<pragma-> i'mg oing to go have an angry shit 2018/03/14 Wed 16:56:30 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
1100pragma-<pragma-> I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH 2018/03/16 Fri 16:55:41 jp!
1055pragma-, k<pragma-> nobody wants to give a blow job <k> speak for yourself 2018/02/11 Sun 17:33:47 jp!
893pragma-, kg<pragma-> kg: turn your head and cough * kg turns his head * kg coughs <pragma-> you have fine testicles 2017/10/16 Mon 20:53:13 alyptik!
892pragma-<pragma-> I WANT THE D <pragma-> alyptik: give me the d 2017/10/16 Mon 15:47:16 alyptik!
897pragma-<pragma-> because when i'm not talking about shooting cum into my own mouth <pragma-> i'm actually very super highly intelligent 2017/10/21 Sat 17:45:10 kg!~krok@unaffiliated/krok/x-1434802
943pragma-<pragma-> i put firecrackers in my ass on the 4th of july <pragma-> i'm patroitic as fuck 2017/11/22 Wed 13:39:42 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
987pragma-<pragma-> all sports are stupid <pragma-> the only real sport is on the battlefield 2018/01/06 Sat 15:52:20 k!~krok@unaffiliated/krok
904pragma-<pragma-> PEAR GOOD <pragma-> MAKE PEAR LAST LONG TIME <pragma-> ONE PEAR PER DAY <pragma-> SIMPLE ECONOMICS 2017/10/27 Fri 17:52:28 jp!
945pragma-, k<pragma-> i pooped <pragma-> my ass is burning now <pragma-> never mind <pragma-> it's not like i'm gonna die <pragma-> from my butt <k> that would be a shitty way to go 2017/11/24 Fri 13:53:45 jp!
871qwename<qwename> When vertically challenged, go horizontal! 2017/09/05 Tue 01:22:39 qwename!~qwename@unaffiliated/qwename


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470edk, kate<edk> pretending C++ doesn't exist solves a lot of the problems in my life, actually <kate> "edk! your rent's due!" "it's okay, C++ doesn't exist" 2015/01/16 Fri 17:37:54 pragma-!~chaos@unaffiliated/pragmatic-chaos